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Friday, April 12, 2024
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2800 days later, Apple will release a new version of this legendary headset

Apple’s best-known earphones and headsets are AirPods, but they are not the only ones sold by the company. The Apple company has also been selling Beats headphones and earphones since May 2014.

On this date, Cupertino officials concluded a historic agreement, with the aim of buying the two branches Beats Music and Beats Electronics. The first offered a music subscription service, and the second offered the well-known Beats By Dre headphones, which were all the rage at the time. From now on, the helmets no longer bear the name By Dre.

Solo 4 beats


2764 days later, the Beats Solo 4 arrives

Since purchasing the company in 2014, Apple has only offered one update to the legendary Beats Solo, going from the second to the third version. It was 8 years ago, in 2016. Nearly a decade after the release of the third model, The Beats Solo 4 should be released on May 2, according to information from 9To5Mac.

Beats Solo3 differenceBeats Solo3 difference

Beats Solo3 © Beats

Technical characteristics

We had already shared the probable technical specifications of the headset in a previous article, but these are now more precise thanks to 9to5Mac. In an article on this subject, they share:

Beats Solo4 will upgrade the Spatial Audio experience with support for Dynamic Head Tracking. Sound-wise, we can expect an improvement in sound thanks to improved speakers and rebalanced acoustics. Specifically, the Solo4 headset features custom-made 40mm drivers that promise better clarity and range.

Apple has also geared the Beats Solo4 to USB-C for charging and lossless high-resolution audio. The Solo4 headphones will also retain the 3.5mm audio port for lossless audio.

Helmet will offer Bluetooth 5.3 and better call quality. The latter is possible “with beamforming mics that use voice targeting algorithms for clarity”. In terms of weight, it should weigh approximately 217 gramswhich is lighter than the Apple AirPods Max headset, which weighs 384 grams.

Beats Solo3Beats Solo3

Beats Solo3 © Beats

With all this, Apple offers a substantial price, but not excessive. It should align with the current Beats Solo3 lineup, which is FYI sold for 229.95 euros.

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