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Friday, April 12, 2024
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3D DRAM: Samsung announces its future RAM memories with stacked DRAM

Samsung has presented a new RAM memory technology, the 3D DRAMwith a launch that would be scheduled for the year 2025.

3D DRAM: Samsung announces its future RAM memories with stacked DRAM for 2025

The Korean company is working on its memoirs 3D DRAMwith which they plan to innovate in this field with compression lines of less than 10 nm, in addition to adding new technologies and the use of new components, with the idea of ​​​​increasing capacities, speeds, latency and efficiency.

Samsung is going to add two new technologies with its memories 3D DRAM, Vertical Channel Transistors (Vertical Channel Transistors) and Stacked DRAM (stacked DRAM). These two changes would increase memory density, since the modules would take up less space, while increasing memory performance.

Roadmap: 3D memories are here to stay from 2025


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From what we can see on the slide, Samsung has a roadmap and These 3D DRAM memories would be used from 2025 and they will continue to be used and evolved, at least, until the year 2035. Samsung assures that this memory technology will be “disruptive” in the industry, where they would basically be using stacked DRAM modules to increase memory capacities without increasing the size of the memory. DIMM possibly. Samsung did not want to provide many details in this regard, such as capacities or speeds that we could experience.

This type of modules would allow memories DDR from 100 GB. In fact, it is being predicted that 3D memories could generate profits of up to $100 billion by 2028. We will keep you informed.

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