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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
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47% of US voters want cryptocurrency in their investment portfolio

Grayscale highlighted Bitcoin’s significant influence in the 2024 elections in its exclusive report.

According to a recent Harris Poll survey of likely voters in the United States, geopolitical tensions and inflation have pushed more and more voters in the country to turn to Bitcoin.

Sponsored by Bitcoin ETF issuer Grayscale, the survey found that one in three US voters would consider a political candidate’s stance on cryptocurrency before deciding how to vote.

Source: Grayscale

Voter interest in cryptocurrencies skyrocketed

The poll received responses from more than 1,700 likely US voters. The results noted that 77% believe that US Presidential candidates should at least have an “informed view” on cryptocurrencies.

The survey found that 41% of voters are paying more attention to Bitcoin and other coins due to geopolitical tensions, inflation and a weakening US dollar, up from 34% in November 2023.

Furthermore, 47% of respondents expect to include crypto in their investment portfolio, up from 40% the previous year. Inflation remains the top issue for voters (28%), increasing the appeal of assets like Bitcoin because of their transparent and fixed supply.

Events such as the approval of the US Bitcoin Spot ETF in January 2024 and the halving in April 2024 have increased voter interest in investing in BTC and other digital assets , shown by the turnout rates of 18% and 20% respectively, showing increasing interest.

Notably, 9% of retiree voters revealed they were more interested in investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency after the ETF was approved.

Voters are calling for clear regulation of cryptocurrencies

Grayscale highlights BTC’s strong performance in 2024, with prices reaching a new all-time high on March 13. This has sparked speculation that the upcoming election could be dubbed the “Bitcoin Election.” Attention is not limited to BTC but also extends to other digital assets. Nearly a third of voters (32%) said they are more open to learning about or investing in crypto since the beginning of the year.

The survey also revealed that voters increasingly view cryptocurrencies as a good long-term investment opportunity, with 23% endorsing this view compared to 19% in November 2023. Clearer regulations could further boost crypto’s appeal to voters. The survey found that 52% of voters would be more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies if there were clearer policies, up from 48% in November 2023.

A majority (79%) agree political leaders should work to create frameworks and rules that enable financial inclusion and protect investors.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump also recently took a stance in favor of cryptocurrencies. Reports suggest he asked David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine and cryptocurrency aide to Trump’s campaign, whether Bitcoin could be leveraged to solve the US national debt problem. ?

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