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6G runs at speeds of 1TB per second! Users to reach 290 million in just 2 years: Report

5G networks have arrived in India and are getting stronger and faster. But did you know that the soon-to-be-released 6G is 100 times faster than 5G, which is famous for its fast internet? Imagine being able to download a 1TB file in just 1 second! Speeds of 1000000 Mbps are available in 6G networks., these numbers, which may seem impossible, may become a reality with 6G. A recent report has come out revealing many surprising facts about the possibilities of 6G.

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What does the 6G report say?

New report on 6G capacity Juniper Research Sharer: The report states that 6G technology will be superior to existing 5G networks. 100x faster speed will provide According to reports, 6G networks can transmit data at a speed of 1TB per minute. At the same time, data from this Richters report estimates that within two years of 6G’s launch, around 290 million people could be connected to this wireless technology.

According to the report, 6G services could be officially launched in 2029. The report found that people were adopting these new communication technologies too quickly. 290 million 6G connections by the end of 2030 Live all over the world. The report also warned that it will take time for 6G technology to roll out without disruption. Telecom companies need to start preparingBecause in front of them Many technical challenges, including high frequency spectrum and network interference can come

Jio 6G Ready

Reliance Jio has played a key role in the development of 5G services. A similar phenomenon can be seen in the 6G field. There is still some time until this new technology comes out, but it seems that Geo’s performance is starting now. Reliance Jio has submitted to the Indian government that the 6 GHz band in India should not be canceled yet. According to Jio, this mid-band spectrum will be used for 6G in India (6G in India) may be helpful to the service.

Let me remind you that last year too there was a great partnership between Reliance Jio and University of Oulu. Under this agreement, the two organizations are jointly researching the path to 6G technology and moving forward together to standardize 6G technology.

Indian government’s 6G preparations

At the recently organized Bharat Telecom 2024 programme, Minister of State for Telecommunication, Dr. Neeraj Mittal launched the Bharat 5G Portal (Bharat 5G Portal) has been released. Research and remediation work related to building and expanding 6G networks in India will be conducted through this portal. For this purpose, technology institutes from India as well as other countries will share their work and experiments with India. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi 6G testbed project We are also making progress on this path.

It is noteworthy that India’s first 6G lab was launched last year in 2023. The laboratory is set up in Bengaluru, Karnataka and was built by Finnish technology company Nokia. The goal of this 6G lab is to accelerate original technology and development based on 6G technology. This 6G lab is believed to support global 6G standards in India.



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