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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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A bug erases the entire wishlist of players, hundreds of titles are lost

In recent days, many players have been complaining about having completely lost their Xbox wishlist. Games, applications, films or series, nothing appears on their account, even if they have saved several hundred titles. Worse still, it is currently impossible for them to reconfigure them.

Xbox Series S
The Xbox Series S

Like almost any online store, Xbox has a wishlist service that allows users to set aside an item for later. This feature is particularly practical for being notified in the event of sales: as soon as a game, film or series sees its price drop, a notification is sent. The wishlist has therefore become essential for many players, making its disappearance dramatic to say the least.

A few days ago, a Reddit user asked Internet users for help: his Xbox wishlist had completely disappeared. Impossible to find all the saved articles and, according to the comments, he is far from alone. In fact, testimonies have been multiplying since this weekend, all with the same observation: the Xbox wishlist section no longer displays anything, sometimes causing hundreds of articles and years of organization to disappear.

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The Xbox wishlist of many players gone up in smoke

“I went to buy something that was on sale on my wishlist, and when I went to the deals section, I didn’t see the column for games that were on sale on my wishlist. So I looked at the lists and saw that my list was empty. I quickly filled it again with what I remembered, but when I left the site and came back, it was empty again,” testifies a player on Reddit.

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Some people report losing as many as 200 items from their wish list overnight, with no possibility of adding them again. Microsoft has not yet officially communicated about this bug, which affects the Xbox, PC and web versions of its store. Note, however, that several users continue to receive notifications from the store regarding the items in their wishlist, which may give hope for a correction of the problem in the near future.

Source : Reddit




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