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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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A confidential event organized by Apple in London

The media The Information reports that the May 7 keynote will be accompanied by an Apple Event organized in London. This could be an Apple hands-on session VisionProbecause the mixed reality headset does not yet have release date for the Old Continent market. However, this could precisely be confirmed during the conference, alongside many other possible announcements. Among these, we can notably cite the case of the presentation of a Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro OLEDs, which also have every chance of being announced at the same time. iPad Airs would also be in the pipeline for the occasion.

Of course, for the moment, all of this information must be considered with caution. But it seems logical to see Cupertino reveal the European release date of the Apple Vision Pro on this date, because Ming-Chi Kuo recently estimated that it would be done before the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). However, its opening keynote is organized on June 10 at 7 p.m. (Paris time). So we are on schedule, it seems.

What to expect from the Apple Vision Pro for the European market?

It is very likely that the technical sheet of the Apple Vision Pro here is identical to that available in the United States, the only country where it is possible to obtain the new headset in an official store for the moment. As a reminder, Apple offers us no less than three screens here, including two with 4K definition (inside the frame). The system is powered by a duo of proprietary chips; the R1 for augmented reality and the M2, which includes sixteen gigabytes of RAM. A sixteen-core Neural Engine is also included, using artificial intelligence and coupled with the Apple firm’s in-house voice assistant; Siri.

Where the Apple Vision Pro will be different in the European Union, however, may be on the software side. And for good reason: here, Apple is now forced to give free rein to third-party application stores like AltStore, on iOS. However, this is not the case in the United States. We may therefore also be able to discover this type of platform on visionOS 2, which should be the first version of the headset operating system available across the Atlantic.

visionOS 2 should be revealed, this time, during WWDC. We are expecting possible compatibility with the third generation Apple Pencil, which could see the light of day during the keynote on May 7.

We do not yet know the price of the Apple Vision Pro for France. But the mixed reality headset could cost it 4,249 euros, according to our estimates. In any case, regarding the most affordable version with 256 GB of internal storage. Please note, however, that the manufacturer should also market two other editions, with 512 GB or 1 TB of memory. The higher this volume, the more applications it is possible to install. More storage also offers the possibility of saving more shots, particularly those taken in “spatial” mode with the Vision Pro’s dedicated sensors.

How to follow the keynote?

We will broadcast live comments, on our site. You can also follow the May 7 keynote on YouTube, where the event will normally be broadcast live by Apple. At the end of the conference, a full summary will also be published on the front and our free iOS app.

  • Apple could reveal the European release date of the Apple Vision Pro during the May 7 keynote
  • A special event is being organized by the company at the same time, in London
  • iPads and the third generation Apple Pencil are also expected during the keynote
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