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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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According to rumors, MediaTek is collaborating with NVIDIA to launch an SoC for console-type PCs

Manufacturers are increasingly more interested in offering solutions for the latest fashion in PCs with console format. Currently the market is dominated by AMD chips, including the more powerful Ryzen Z1 and Z1 Extremefollowed by some solutions with Intel Meteor Lake processors which seems not to convince. But a new rumor places MediaTek and NVIDIA in collaboration To trow a new SoC for this type of consoles PC based.

At the moment NVIDIA supplies Tegra processorssomewhat old-fashioned, for nintendo consoles. It is also said that NVIDIA will provide a new chip T239 based on Ampere for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 which will arrive in 2025. NVIDIA together with MediaTek can design new SoCs that have more frequent updates for new PC-type consoles. In the same post on X/Twitter it is also specified that there are some clients in china interested by this association to launch their own devices.

Geeknetic According to rumors, MediaTek is collaborating with NVIDIA to launch a SoC for console-type PCs 1

It is also said that MediaTek together with NVIDIA will present a new processor for Artificial Intelligence based on ARM for PCs. This would be ready for the third quarterbut it won’t be available until 2025. It will have a price of 300 dollars and according to rumors we will be able to see the announcement and more information during the next COMPUTEX. MediaTek already works with NVIDIA in smart vehicle solutionsso it wouldn’t be strange expand this collaboration to launch other products.

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