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Friday, May 24, 2024
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After the iPhone 15, the new iPads are also entitled to it

The new Apple tablets benefit from‘a new optimization, which concerns the battery. As a reminder, the new iPads Pro and Air were presented last Tuesday May 7 by the Apple firm, with a delivery scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday May 15.

As initially stated elsewhere, they do not benefit from better autonomy (in theory) compared to previous versions. The technical sheet once again announces 10 a.m., which was predictable, because this has not changed for years.

If the autonomy remains the same, it could be that in the long term, the new Apple tablets will do better than the others.

iPadOS 17.5 confirmed

Lines of code were notably spotted by MacRumors contributors, in the beta version of iPadOS 17.5. Here is what was discovered:

Code previously found in the iPadOS 17.5 beta software referenced the Battery Health menu, and it has indeed been suggested that it could be limited to Apple’s new iPads. Notably, reading the number of cycles and the ability to more strictly prevent charging beyond 80% were until now features exclusive to the iPhone 15 series and are also not available on older iPhones.

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For what ?

Although lithium batteries require much less maintenance than older lead-acid batteries, their lifespan could be extended. Apple claims that by reducing the time the battery is charged to 100%, this can reduce battery wear and increase its lifespan.

The functionality therefore makes it possible to better manage recharge cycles, never exceeding 80%, except a few times, in order to “maintain accurate estimates of battery state of charge“.

Furthermore, iPadOS 17.5 was released at the same time as iOS 17.5. You can consult all the information on this subject, here. To find out how to install it, click here.

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