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Friday, April 12, 2024
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A couple of weeks ago, at GDC and GTC 2024, NVIDIA showed off a revolutionary technology that generated a lot of excitement: NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engineor NVIDIA ACE microservices, and their generative AI capabilities.

NVIDIA presents improvements in its AI Decoded technology

This week, AI Decoded immerses himself in this RTX AI technology and its potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital characters in games and other ecosystems.


NVIDIA ACE harnesses the power of several NVIDIA technologies (NVIDIA Riva and NVIDIA Audio2Face) along with Large Language Models (LLM) to allow NPCs to listen, process, generate dialogue, and respond. Developers can create NPCs capable of engaging in natural conversations that adapt and flow based on the player’s decisions. This opens the doors to unique missions, personalized interactions and a greater level of immersion in games and virtual worlds:

  • Covert Protocol Technical Demo: A collaboration between Ubisoft’s “NEO NPCs”, Inworld’s AI technology and NVIDIA ACE showed at GDC an exciting new social simulation in which the game mechanics required players to talk to dynamic NPCs as if they were detectives private, with real-time conversation and knowledge of the environment to complete the objective of the demo.
  • Ramen Shop Demo (NVIDIA Kairos): First introduced at CES earlier this year, NPCs demonstrated the power of NVIDIA ACE with the ability to talk to each other and awareness of objects around them to greatly improve NPC interactivity.

ACE’s impact extends beyond gaming, with applications in other fields through the creation of realistic digital assistants, from Hippocractic AI’s AI-powered healthcare agent for patient care management to care avatars to customers powered by UneeQ AI. The future of interactive experiences is here, and NVIDIA ACE is at the forefront.

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