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Alternative App Store: Setapp Mobile is available on iPhone

It’s May 14, in other words the release date of Setapp Mobile in final version on iPhone. The new alternative to the App Store requires users to have an iPhone compatible with iOS 17.4, to be located in the European Union with their Apple ID and to use the Safari browser for installation.

Count around €11 month, to subscribe. The developer also offers a one-month free trial for new customers.

Setapp dock iPhone

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What apps are available with Setapp?

Setapp allows you to take advantage of many third-party apps such as ClearVPN, which as its name suggests, provides access to a dedicated virtual private network. Users can change their virtual geolocation, and – in theory – thus offer an additional guarantee of cybersecurity to their device.

On computer, Setapp also offers the excellent CleanMyMac, which we took the time to test previously. This program helps you efficiently make space on your storage memory, by “cleaning” your folders in search of unnecessary files. The operation is reminiscent of CCleaner or Washing Machine X9, to name just these examples.

Among the other tools available with a Setapp subscription, we can also cite the case of Downie (to download YouTube videos quickly) or TablePlus (management of an SQL database).

Please note, Setapp applications for macOS are not all available on iOS. Go to our tutorial dedicated to Setapp Mobile to see the list of applications available in the iPhone app store.

Setapp Mobile, only for some

If Setapp Mobile is initially only available to users located in the European Union, it is because there the legislation of the Old Continent now requires Apple to authorize alternatives to the App Store. However, this is not the case in Asia, for example, nor in the United States – even if the Senate has been seriously considering the issue across the Atlantic for several months now.

It is within the framework of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that Parliament established this obligation, in favor of the consumer and competition. But critics assure that the new regulations risk giving rise to attacks by cybercriminals.

  • Setapp Mobile is now available on iPhones
  • It is an alternative to the App Store
  • Only users installed in the European Union with their Apple ID can benefit from this new feature.
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