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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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I don’t understand so much enthusiasm for the Always On Display mode

This feature debuted on Android a long time ago, then disappeared, and then made an appearance again until today. The main purpose of this function is to save battery and show items simpler ones on the screen, like the date and clock or notifications at most. All this is wrapped in a black background to reduce energy consumption. At first glance, it seems like a pretty useful mode for the phone, but the truth is that I haven’t used it even once nor do I know anyone who takes advantage of it.

The ‘advantages’ of Always On Display mode

Before starting to evaluate what the always-on screen mode is really for, it is important to be aware of the different advantages it offers the user, among which the following stand out:

  • Watch the clock at all times to know what time it is.
  • Quick access to weather or calendar information.
  • Battery saving.
motorola edge 20 pro always on display

These are the 3 main assets of the phone’s Always On Screen function and you are probably wondering why you want all this if you only need to press a button. on your mobile to see the former or use the lock widgets for the latter. The only and exclusive difference is that the screen remains on at all times, as its name indicates. It is easy to think that this uses more battery than off since there are elements in the image that are visible, however, this option is optimized to consume as few resources as possible.

It doesn’t do much good

In any case, the difference is not so worrying as to make use of the Always On Display to save battery, since there already exist other options such as the Battery Saving mode itself which you can enable from the control panel of your Android mobile. The peculiarity of the Always-On Display functionality is that the screen pixels remain off at all times and turn on individually to display specific on-screen content, such as the date or time.

iPhone 14 Pro battery always on display

On the other hand, in normal circumstances you have to press the lock button or the screen itself so that it turns on and the elements in question appear, causing absolutely all the pixels of the image to light up. This is as easy to solve as using a fully or partially black wallpaper, thus reducing the consumption of the device and without the need to activate a mode that seems useless to me, having at our disposal other alternatives such as the latter or activating the energy saving mode. Tell us your experience with the Always On Display function, do you use it a lot or do you also think it is not very useful?




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