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Amazon, LeBonCoin, Shein, AliExpress… What are the most visited e-commerce sites in France?

Like thousands of French people, you are undoubtedly familiar with online selling platforms. Every year around the Christmas holidays, audiences on various platforms explode, with an average of 50 million internet users in the fourth quarter of 2023, or 78.5% of French people, visiting at least one site each month. Founded by Fevad, it is in the top 20.

Amazon, LeBoinCoin and Fnac in the French Mind

At the top of the rankings is clearly the untouchable Amazon, with an average of over 50 million unique visitors each month. The US platform features LeBonCoin with 39 million visitors, followed by Fnac with over 18 million users (half of leader Amazon).

2023 e-commerce rankings
© Pevad

Competition is particularly fierce, with E.Leclerc, Vinted, Cdiscount and Temu all recording over 17 million unique visitors. For eBay, the US platform looks dismal, with less than 9 million visitors.Only“, and took last place in the top 20.

Platform with nearly 90% mobile connectivity

Earlier this year, eBay decided to lay off about 1,000 employees, or more than 9% of its workforce. “Although our strategy is moving in the right direction, our total headcount and costs are outpacing our growth.said Jamie Iannone, CEO of eBay.

ebay logo
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The federation noted the good progress of Boulanger, Auchan and Darty, who returned to the top 20 during this fourth quarter. Chinese platforms cannot be left out, and in particular, Temu, which is a hot topic in the Chinese market, ranks 6th. Thus, Temu beat AliExpress, another well-known player among consumers, and fell from 3rd to 10th place.

Fevad states:More than 70% of unique visitors to 16 of the top 20 e-commerce sites visited the site using mobile.

Some platforms display very impressive mobile connection rates. So, 88% of Vinted’s unique visits came from mobile. This also accounts for 87% and 86% of mobile connections for Lidl and Shein respectively.




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