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Saturday, June 8, 2024
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Analyst predicts Bitcoin to reach $1 million

Analyst predicts Bitcoin to reach $1 million

Bitcoin [BTC] has made a significant comeback, climbing above the $70,000 mark. This notable increase sparked optimism about surpassing the previous record high.

The current uptrend looks stronger and more promising than previous attempts a few months ago, indicating strong bullish sentiment in the market.

Analyst predicts Bitcoin to reach $1 million

Aurelion Ohhayon, former professor of Mathematical Logic and creator of the XOR trading machine, has produced an analysis that shows Bitcoin is likely to reach the $1 million milestone. This analysis shared by Thomas Fahrer, co-founder of crypto review resource Apollo, leverages historical price patterns to support this bold prediction.

The analysis, based on the daily chart of BTC/USD, offers a comparison between Bitcoin’s price movement from 2013 to 2017 and its current trajectory. In October 2013, Bitcoin price fluctuated between $130 and $145.

By November of the same year, it had risen to a new all-time high of $1,242, only to plummet to a low of $162 in August 2015 after a significant market correction. This low of $162 marked an important turning point, initiating an uptrend that pushed Bitcoin to a staggering $19,804 in December 2017. This was a notable 12.% increase from the 2015 low. .

Current momentum supports a bullish outlook

This historical pattern highlights Bitcoin’s strong growth potential after major corrections. Ohhayon’s analysis shows that if Bitcoin continues to follow a similar path, the $1 million price target is within reach. The current BTC price of $71,329 reflects a steady upward momentum. It reinforces a positive outlook for future benefits.

Ohhayon’s optimistic forecast is not the only one. A 2022 report by ARK Invest by Cathie Wood predicted that Bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2030. Additionally, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey recently made a similar prediction. However, reaching the $1 million mark is likely to cause significant volatility.

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