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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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AOC launches the most affordable 540 Hz monitor on the market

Taiwanese AOC has unveiled its new Agon Pro AG246FK. This Full HD monitor shines mainly by its impressive 540 Hz refresh rate, but also by an aggressive price placement compared to the immediate competition.

Here is the Agon Pro AG246FK, AOC’s new 540 Hz monitor // Source: AOC

No madness on the definition or the level of equipment, but a breathtaking maximum frequency. This week AOC unveiled its Agon Pro AG246FK, a new 24.1-inch Full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels) monitor, capable of going up to 540 Hz… where most gaming PC screens on the market cap at around 360 Hz However, this is not its only asset, because with this new Agon Pro, the Taiwanese manufacturer is vigorously attacking competition from ASUS and BenQ.

The AG246FK is in fact announced for the month of July at 699 euros, while the Asus ROG Swift PG248QP (which we told you about a few months ago) and BenQ Zowie XL2586X, its main competitors, are both available for more than 1000 euros. Enough to position it at this stage as the most affordable 540 Hz monitor on the market, and arouse interest among eSports enthusiasts, looking above all for a very responsive display.

AOC Agon Pro AG246FK, the advantage of speed and price

If this very high display frequency is in fact only supported by a reduced quantity of games, it allows optimal responsiveness. Instead of the 2.7 ms allowed by 360 Hz panels, the 540 Hz panel of the Agon Pro AG246FK is capable of updating each image every 1.8 ms only. The gray to gray response time is given at 0.2 ms. It is therefore one of the fastest monitors currently available.

The other side of the coin lies in image quality. The AOC monitor is indeed satisfied with a TN LCD panel. A technology renowned for its responsiveness, but which falls short in almost everything else, starting with its viewing angles, which are often very “narrow”. The Agon Pro AG246FK is also limited to certification DisplayHDR400 HDR, and therefore at a maximum luminance oscillating between 320 and 400 cd/m2. Which might turn out to be right for some users.

The Agon Pro AG246FK, on ​​the other hand, has a nice selection of connectors, including a HUB bringing together four USB ports, a folding headphone holder, a carrying handle on the stand and configurable RGB lighting. Be careful though, no speaker is current and AOC did not consider it useful to include a switch on its screen KVM.

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