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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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App Store: Apple boasts after a major change

Since last February and under the new EU DMA regulation, developers can add their alternative application stores to the App Store. Apple had to submit to this change, but it was clearly not with joy. Indeed, the Cupertino company has long asserted that these developments could harm user security.

Risks still present on the App Store

The Apple brand has been publishing an analysis of fraud prevention on its application store for several years now. It has just done so and the figures provided by the Tech giant are quite spectacular.

We thus note that Apple prevented more than 1.8 billion dollars in fraudulent transactions in 2023, and even 7 billion dollars over the period 2020-2023. As many as 14 million stolen credit cards were blocked, while 3.3 million accounts were unable to make new transactions due to their suspicious appearance.

The Cupertino company specifies that 1.7 million applications were rejected in 2023 because they did not meet the standards put in place in terms of confidentiality, security and content. Finally, 118,000 developer accounts were terminated because they violated the regulations (this was 428,000 in 2022).

Apple’s promise

In this report, which is definitely very informative, the apple brand announces that it is further intensifying its efforts:

Apple has developed a series of tools and resources to ensure that the App Store is a safe and trusted place for users and developers. By thwarting the fraudulent efforts of bad actors, Apple allows users to install software on their personal devices knowing that a number of safeguards are in place to protect them, and for developers to have a trusted store with ‘a solid reputation for distributing their applications and games. Apple will continue to invest in its long-standing commitment to protecting the quality and security of the App Store for the benefit of all users and developers.

We just want to believe her. You can read this study in more detail here.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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