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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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App Store: the Nintendo Delta emulator has already won over millions of players

The Delta emulator, creates a feeling of nostalgia and awakens old memories in millions of gamers now, after only one week in the App Store (non-EU)!

Earlier this month, Apple surprised its users by allowing retro console emulators in its app store. The causes which explain the lifting of this ban are still not known. Some think it is due to the European Commission’s DMA, and indeed, it is very likely that it is part of the equation.

We will offer you a hypothesis concerning this curious authorization at the end of the article, but first of all let’s return to Delta, which was the most anticipated of the retro emulators.

Already first with almost 5 million downloads

We knew that the Delta emulator was the most anticipated in the App Store, and it’s smashing the counters! As these lines are written, Delta prepares to exceed 5 million downloads in the Apple app store, after just 7 days! What places the emulator at the top of the “Entertainment” category . If we add AltStore players, i.e. those positioned in one of the EU member countries, the figure must be even higher, but the data is not available.

If you want to install Delta in the App Store, to play old versions of Super Mario, or anything else, it’s now possible! The application is finally available in France and EU countries.

You can also follow our step-by-step guide to install the emulator: thanks to our tutorial, you have all the information in one place,including where to find your games!

Why does Apple allow retro gaming emulators?

There is some confusion regarding the reasons for this authorization. This is a surprising move on Apple’s part, but the success enjoyed by retro emulators is perhaps the cause.

Some have attributed the lifting of this ban to the DMA, but European commissioners never specifically mentioned retro emulators in the regulations. However, it may still have played a role, by extension.

Following new EU directives, the Apple firm had to authorize third-party stores, such as the Alt Store. Previously, the latter already offered the Delta emulator, but it was not authorized by Apple.

Now Apple is forced to authorize the AltStore because of the EU, and by extension, the applications it offers. Apple also knows that a huge portion of its users follow its guidelines to the letter, and that they are not going to install unauthorized apps. But given that they can now install third-party AltStore and emulators “legally”, Apple has probably aligned itself with AltStore, in order to keep as many users as possible in the App Store.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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