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Apple FineWoven Case Issues

Apple’s FineWoven case, designed for the iPhone 15 with recycled materials, is at the center of controversy. Criticized for its questionable durability, this expensive accessory is called by some the worst product ever offered by the brand.

iphone woven case
Source: Rachel Mendelson, Joanna Stern / The Wall Street Journal

In anticipation of the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 15, Apple has unveiled a new generation of cases, the FineWoven. These mark a significant break with the traditional leather cases. Revealed in a palette of 10 colors, they symbolize the Cupertino company’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The transition to “eco-fibers” reinforced with silicone demonstrates a desire to reduce the ecological footprint while wanting to offer robust protection and aesthetics for new devices.

Apple’s decision to move away from leather cases for its iPhone 15s has sparked a wide range of reactions within the tech community, with some seeing it as a bold step toward more ethical and sustainable practices. This evolution towards vegan materials, such as leatherette used for hulls FineWovenis part of a broader context of environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility.

Apple FineWoven: this case made from recycled materials for iPhone 15 is under fire

Joanna Stern, journalist at the Wall Street Journal, shared on X the condition of her FineWoven case five months after purchaserevealing peeling edges, scratches and a early yellowing. His ironic comments in his Tech Things newsletter, suggesting that its degradation is so advanced that it could be considered a public health problem because of its condition, underline the extent of the disappointment. Despite Apple’s claims of high quality and sustainability of these, feedback like that of Stern prove the opposite.

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It’s not not the first time that a FineWoven case is criticized. Soon after its launch, many users and reviewers pointed out its ease of use. marked with permanent scratchescalling into question the product’s promise of sustainability despite its high price – around 55 euros. Faced with these disappointments, Stern is proposing new rules for purchasing phone cases: a lower price, MagSafe compatibility, and effective protection of the screen and camera. Criteria which, according to her, should guide any future purchase of iPhone cases, the latter clearly not meeting these expectations.




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