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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Apple updates its iPhone and Mac to avoid cyberattacks

Apple has just launched several updates, both on iPhone and Mac, to counter security vulnerabilities. These modifications to the operating system have the particularity of being intended for older models of the brand.

Apple has thus updated iOS 16.7.8, allowing all phones that are not eligible for the iOS 17 update to be protected against cyber threats. The main idea is the same for updates on macOS which focus on two older versions of the operating system. Apple has thus published versions 12.7.5 and 13.6.7. These two updates should therefore be installed urgently for all people who do not yet have macOS Sonoma (14.5). The latest version.

Very important updates

Regarding iOS 16.7.8, Apple announces in a press release that this update should make it possible to plug two major security vulnerabilities in iPhones. According to Apple, one of these flaws allowed a malicious person to access sensitive data about the user, without the latter realizing it by using the Foudation option.

The other flaw that was corrected with this update concerns RTKit. According to the Apple brand’s press release, a cybercriminal could have bypassed kernel memory protections. If today the problem has been resolved by the Apple teams, the Cupertino company unfortunately specifies that this flaw was known in the world of cybercrime and it was used repeatedly against individuals. So you may have been affected by this cyberattack, without even knowing it.

macOS: 2 and 3 flaws fixed

For macOS updates, Apple specifies that they fix security vulnerabilities. One of them would be linked to the Find My application. The other the Foudation system like on iOS. The security flaw concerning RTKit revealed above on iPhones was also present on macOS 13, Apple however makes no mention of it with regard to macOS 12.

Regardless, these security updates must be installed as soon as possible to protect our computers and phones from malicious people.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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