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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Apple Vision Pro: 2 announcements could be made during WWDC

Apple should unveil visionOS 2 at the Worldwide Developer Conference. This is what the journalist reveals Bloomberg Mark Gurman in his usual weekly newsletter, unsurprisingly. It is also believed that during the event, the Vision Pro release date for the rest of the world. This is the mixed reality headset equipped with the operating system, but only available in the United States at the moment. For the moment, history does not say what pushed the manufacturer not to offer its device beyond American borders, where it arrived on February 2 in the official store.

Until now, we thought that the international deployment schedule for Apple Vision Pro would be revealed before WWDC. In any case, this is what Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst as renowned as Mark Gurman, suggested. But as the last keynote was not the opportunity to find out more, it is possible that the announcement was overlooked. However, it is hard to imagine Cupertino preparing a novelty of such magnitude for the short time between the conference Let loose from that of June 10.

What else at WWDC?

The international release date of the Vision Pro is not the only announcement expected at the Worldwide Developer Conference. We actually think that, during the event, Apple Pencil Pro will also be announced as compatible with the virtual reality headset. Patents suggest this, and rumors to this effect have been published in recent weeks. Other clues also point to the presentation of iOS 18 during WWDC. The new update should notably give pride of place to artificial intelligence, with perhaps generative AI integrated into the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).

iOS 18 would also be an opportunity for Apple to deploy new features for many apps including Freeform, Notes, Calculator and Siri. The voice assistant would in particular be able to better answer the questions asked, probably again thanks to improvements boosted by artificial intelligence. The companies OpenAI and Google have notably been mentioned as potential partners of the publisher for the occasion, but this remains to be confirmed.

A good way to boost sales of the Apple Vision Pro

Coming back to the Apple Vision Pro, you should know that the device has been the victim of sluggish sales for several days now. Launching the product on new markets would therefore be an opportunity to reverse the trend, at least for a few weeks. It is China in particular which would be entitled to the helmet, among the first eligible countries after the United States. In any case, this is what Tim Cook recently revealed, the CEO of Apple explaining that the Middle Kingdom would see the mount arrive within its borders this year. Please note, however, that for the rest of the world, hypotheses include marketing in France. This, because the visionOS virtual keyboard was actually seen in the language of Molière.

The Apple Vision Pro is a high-end mixed reality headset, which could cost 4,249 euros at our place. The product is equipped with two proprietary processors (the M2 and the R1) and three screens, two of which with 4K definition installed inside. The battery lasts about two hours. Among the competitors of this article on the market today, we find in particular the Meta Quest Pro or the HTC Vive.

  • visionOS 2 could be revealed at the Worldwide Developer Conference
  • The update could integrate Vision Pro compatibility with the Apple Pencil Pro
  • The Apple Vision Pro will perhaps also have a French release date during WWDC
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