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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Does my Apple Vision Pro headset have a manufacturing defect?

The Vision Pro retails for US$3,499, which is pricey. It’s very expensive, especially when compared to the average price of other mixed-reality headsets on the market. Therefore damaging it is not a good idea. However, many users of Apple’s new version report that the front window breaks quickly after the first request. We can say that this device has been officially launched since February 2nd. It wasn’t that long ago. Moreover, according to the various testimonies we took the time to consult, the reality is that damage can occur through no fault of the owner…

Of course, these opinions must be considered carefully. It wouldn’t be surprising if some customers wouldn’t admit to their ineptitude and would rather seek compensation. For everyone else, keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t mention the slightest thing about “ceramic shield” protection in the official tech sheet for the Vision Pro. According to videographer JerryRigEverything, who worked on the device, the front of the device is covered in plastic. So there’s no ice like on the iPhone, and it doesn’t even have tempered glass protection. Judge for yourself. It is best not to attack the beast too violently.

Repair costs are too expensive

Let’s say the front of your Vision Pro breaks. First of all, note that it’s probably just a plastic cover covering the actual exterior slab that was damaged. But let’s move on. Now it’s time to replace everything. Here Apple offers a single plan. If you don’t have AppleCare+ insurance, you can expect to pay almost €700. This is the amount you will be asked to pay at authorized partner stores such as the Apple Store or iConcept. Alternatively, there are cheaper deductibles for those who choose a damage defense package. More information can be found on the headset ordering page, which is currently only accessible to US residents.

Vision Pro should also be released on the European market. Except, here it is. Apple has not yet given a release date for the mount here. However, there are rumors that the schedule may be released before the Worldwide Developers Conference. This is an event hosted by Cupertino, most often held in June. For this, we should also look at the Vision Pro operating system, which is the second version of VisionOS. At the same time, iOS 17 and the next version of macOS beta are also expected to be available for download.

Some good examples to know:

Here are some smart tips to properly protect your Apple Vision Pro:

  • Whenever you need to carry an Apple Vision Pro, use the bag provided by the manufacturer.
  • When traveling by air, always choose Apple Vision Pro and the official bag as your carry-on baggage. This will prevent mishandling in the cargo hold. We also know that the location feature of the Locate app doesn’t work well on airplanes. headphones such as iPhone or Mac)
  • Use your Vision Pro screen protector whenever you are not wearing it.
  • Do not place the Vision Pro-face down on the floor without a cover. This will further prevent scratches.
  • Install a screen protector on the front (third-party models are available from Amazon or Rakuten).
  • Enables password locking as soon as VisionOS offers it (an added benefit against theft).
  • Choose AppleCare+ coverage at the time of purchase (the monthly plan is the cheapest to start with)
  • Use only official charging cables. It’s not uncommon for Apple to limit the compatibility of third-party accessories in the past.
  • Many Apple Vision Pro users report cracks in the front panel.
  • This is made of plastic, not glass.
  • The screen is protected by plastic, but replacing the front panel is still very expensive.
  • Use your Vision Pro screen protector whenever you are not wearing it.




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