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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Apple Vision Pro: international launch is imminent

Apple has not yet officially released its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, in countries other than the United States. But yet the device has been seen many times outside Uncle Sam’s territory, notably in China.

But it’s not just in the street that Apple’s mixed reality headset is found. Indeed, the Apple Vision Pro has also had the right in recent days to make an appearance in the data of the Chinese regulatory body. This presence demonstrates Apple’s desire to launch its headset in the Middle Kingdom very soon.

Before or after WWDC?

The question now is when this headset would arrive on the Chinese market. In its latest report on the subject, the Bloomberg news agency estimates that the launch of the device will take place a few days after WWDC, with Apple’s annual developer conference being the next big date on Apple’s calendar.

But for his part, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been ensuring for several months already that a launch of the Apple Vision Pro in Dog is possible before this famous conference week. In any case, the headset should be on the market within a few weeks.

Relaunch sales

For Apple, an international launch would be good. way to give back hype to its product. Sales of Vision Pro are indeed losing momentum in the United States and even more worrying, the feedback from testers is not really complimentary.

By launching in other countries such as China (but also Canada, Mexico and part of Europe) Apple could forget these criticisms for a while and take advantage of the euphoria of the first days to relaunch sales of VisionPro. The device is expected in France during the summer, Apple should give us a more precise timetable during the next WWDC.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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