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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Apple Vision Pros break without even touching them

After many months of waiting, on February 2, Apple launched the Vision Pro, the mixed reality glasses whose base model starts at $3,499 and is only available in the United States. The enthusiasm of many users during the first day around the Apple Store They were aiming for it to be a success. in sales, even though they were one of Apple’s most expensive products, not counting the Mac range.

However, in the end it was not like that. When the 14 days that Apple offers by law to return its products were about to expire, many users went to Apple stores throughout the United States to return them and get the money back. The reasons given by users are related to the excessive weight of the glasses, dizziness after taking them off, and dry eyes.

More problems for the Vision Pro

Furthermore, despite what Apple says, it is a product that is still very limited, especially in the field of video games, where, as we all know, the number of games is very small, especially if we are talking about Triple A titles. Besides, They can only be connected to a Macso there is no way to use them on a PC with any other video game.

Vision Pro broken

To the massive returns from users unhappy with the product, we must add a new problem, a problem related to the quality of the materials. According to various users on Reddit, the front glass of the Vision Pro is crackingwithout the device falling at any time and even if they are stored correctly in the case or being charged on a suitable surface.

One of the users says that the night before, he cleaned the outer glass surface of the Vision Pro and stored them correctly. The next morning, the front had a crack, without them having received any blow or fall. Another user claims that he charged the Vision Pro battery and when he went to use it, a crack appeared on the front, in an area very close to that of the other user.

Apple Vision Pro with cracked front glass

None of the users who have presented their case on Reddit claim to have contracted the warranty service. Apple Care for the Vision Pro, insurance that costs $500. Replacing the front glass, if Apple Care has been contracted, costs $300, while if this is not the case, the repair reaches $800.

Materials that are not what Apple says

The front of the glasses, according to Apple, is laminated glass but, if we pay attention to the resistance tests carried out by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, it is not glass but plastic. After carrying out a drop test, the glass remains completely intact. , Jerry did the resistance test using the Mohs scale.

This only lasted up to level 3 hardness. If we take into account that plastic reaches that same level of hardness, it suggests that Apple has not been clear in the type of materials used to manufacture the Vision Pro.

What is clear is that there is a problem with quality control of the facilities where the Vision Pro are manufactured, a problem that we must add that it is not really glass as Apple claims, but simply plastic, of good quality, but plastic nonetheless.




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