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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Are Chromebooks good for anything besides students?

The first advantage of this type of device is that they are more economical than any computer managed by Windows. Unlike Microsoft’s solution as an operating system, another strong point is that it is a closed operating system, so you can only install applications available in the Play Store, although this, in turn, represents a problem that we will talk about. in the next section.

These devices are managed by ChomeOS, Google’s operating system for computers. This means that all Google services (Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and more) are installed and accessible natively, so there is no need to install any application. In addition, we also have access to the Google office suite, which allows us to create any type of document without having to install anything else.

Chromebook Apps

Thanks to ChromeOS, schools They have complete control over all devices to establish a limitation on the functions they can use in addition to blocking access to certain web pages or even the Play Store. All content created on the Chromebook is stored directly in the Google account services, allowing it to always be accessible from any other computer or mobile phone.

A notable point that we cannot fail to mention is that it is a device 2 in 1 convertible. This allows us to fold the keyboard behind the screen and use it as a tablet, although with a higher weight and thickness than any tablet.

2-in-1 Chromebook

Disadvantages of Chromebooks

The main negative point of Chromebooks is that we cannot install any windows application such as Photoshop to edit photographs or DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere to edit videos, we have to settle for the applications available in the Play Store. This is also a problem because many applications are only designed to work vertically, not horizontally.

The processor they use is very simple, since its main objective is to run ChromeOS (which is based on a basic Linux distro) and optimize battery life much more than any PC on the market. If you want to enjoy your android games favorites on a Chromebook, unfortunately, we will not be able to do it the same as on a latest generation mobile phone.

Another negative aspect of this type of equipment is found in the storage type, eMMC and storage capacity. eMMC drives are much slower than any SSD in an entry-level Windows computer. In addition, the storage space of this type of device is a maximum of 128 GB. Although this format supports a maximum of 256 GB, there are no models with that much capacity on the market, and the majority are 64 GB.

While it is true that in the market we can find models with latest generation Intel processors and SSD storage, the price is much higher than an entry-level Chromebook and, with the large number of limitations, it’s really not worth it. The lack of storage space forces users who need additional space to contract one of the different storage plans that Google offers us through Google One.

Is a Chromebook worth it?

In the end it always depends on what the users’ needs are. If we need to install any Windows application and we settle for those offered by the Play Store, a Chromebook is a more than enough device for day-to-day or sporadic use.

But, if we do not find in the Play Store an equivalent to the Windows application that we need on a daily basis, a Chromebook will be of absolutely no use to us. A computer with Windows always offers us much more versatility to do anything we need to do than a computer with ChromeOS, mainly due to the limitations and lack of power of this type of equipment.




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