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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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As expected, Apple is rolling out these 3 AI features

A week has passed since Apple announced the new iPads. It was during the Let Loose conference, which marked a new page for Apple tablets. We also expected that Apple would announce features that use artificial intelligence during its event, and indeed, that did happen.

However, the announced features were more aimed at professionals or enthusiasts, since they are intended for Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. The first is Apple’s video editing software, and the second is a music production tool from Apple.

Today we are talking about Logic Pro, since AI features announced by Apple are now available on iPad and Macfollowing the updates that have just been deployed.


Logic Pro now benefits from a new feature called “Session Player”including ” a brand new Bass and Keyboard Player “. In its conference, the Apple firm affirms that the functionalities include tools “ simple ” Who ” allow you to compose the perfect performance »

. The Logic Pro application also hasa modeling plugin appointed Chroma Glowas well asa new remixing feature, called Stem Splitter.

Stem Splitter allows you to take “ any recording » and extract “quickly four distinct parts for vocals, bass, drums and other instruments.Apple adds that: “With the power of M4, everything happens on the device, super fast, so you can keep remixing your song.” »

Learn more about Logic Pro

Logic Pro is in its second major update on iPad, and its eleventh on Mac. The software was in fact only available in a desktop version initially, but Apple has expanded its availability to Macs. A choice that has delighted many composers, who prefer to operate the application with their fingertips. This logically brings us back to the subject of a potential touchscreen MacBook Pro, which is being requested by many people. An Apple executive recently spoke about this in an interview.

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