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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Astronauts can undergo surgery remotely from Earth

In a revolutionary advance for space surgery, Earth-based surgeons have successfully remotely controlled a robot to perform a surgical simulation aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This feat, marking the first intervention of this type in orbit, opens promising horizons for remote medicine.

space surgery
Source: NASA

As the International Space Station prepares to pass the torch, Starlab, the result of a collaboration between Voyager Space and Airbus, with the support of SpaceX, looms on the horizon as the worthy heir of this icon of space exploration. This new jewel of technology, intended to open new avenues for the research and space tourism, is about to be launched, marking the start of a new era in the commercial use of space. In this context of transition and innovation, the ISS continues to serve as an invaluable platform for scientific experiments avant-garde.

Among these experiments, one of the most revolutionary has just taken place: surgeons on Earth remotely controlled a robot to carry out a surgical simulation on board the ISS. This technical feat, involving the spaceMIRA robot, demonstrates the immense potential of telemedecine in the most extreme environments, such as space. This promising development is part of a broader context of experiments carried out on the station, aimed at preparing humanity for living conditions on other planets, as evidenced by research on the management of extreme temperatures and systems of life support in low gravity.

A first in space: surgeons on Earth control a robot aboard the ISS

The operation, orchestrated from Virtual Incision’s headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, saw six surgeons take turns to maneuver spaceMIRA, a robot equipped with a camera and two mechanical arms equipped respectively with pliers and of scissors. This experience, lasting two o’clockconsisted of applying surgical techniques standards on a simulated fabric made of rubber strips. The success of this operation despite a communication delay of 0.85 seconds between Earth and the ISS demonstrates the precision and reliability of this new technology.

This historical intervention not only demonstrates the feasibility of remote surgical operations in the space-demanding environment, but also plans to translate this technology into isolated regions on Earth. The successful operation of spaceMIRA aboard the ISS symbolizes a significant advance in medical technology. This has the potential to provide essential surgical care during long-duration space missions, such as those planned for Mars, and to improve the accessibility of health care in remote areas of our planet.

Source : CNN




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