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At MWC24, Orbic introduced a 5G electric bicycle that detects objects, records video, and acts as a modem.

In the heart of Barcelona, ​​within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Orbic is surprising us with innovations that want to change the way we move around the city. Recognized for its commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, the company launched the first electric bicycle (eBike) of the world with connectivity 5G and based on object detection technology A.I (AI).

This launch puts a spotlight on the urban mobility sector and promises to be part of the safest, most connected and environmentally friendly solutions the company has ever developed. According to Mike Narula, President and CEO of Orbic, this new eBike model is the fruit of an ambitious project to redefine the user experience by integrating the speed of 5G and the advanced features of AI.

that much Orbic 5G eBike It promises to be a milestone in the field of electronic transportation. 45km per hour (Remember, exceeding 25km/h is prohibited in Europe) Designed to provide a safe driving experience. Thanks to the object detection system with sensors covering a 140-degree field of view to the rear, users receive audible and visual warnings that allow them to recognize approaching vehicles, significantly improving travel safety.

Another noteworthy feature is that the 5G connection can be expanded to serve as a mobile hotspot not only during the tour but also at stops such as picnics or outdoor gatherings. This model is also equipped with high-definition cameras (64MP front, 8MP front display, 2MP rear), allowing users to capture and share their live adventures, as well as make video calls and enhance security with collision detection. .

Viewable in all weather conditions, the 7-inch touchscreen displays important information such as battery status, speed, distance traveled, maps, tracking, and more so you can focus on the road without distractions.

personal opinion

Sometimes things seem to get out of hand. While I fight to convince the police that the e-bikes I use are bikes that won’t go over 25km/h even with thick tires and that a majority of the population can’t afford even one of the cheapest bikes, the market is controversial for a very limited number of people. We continue to provide inventions with practical utility.

I don’t think it’s necessary for the bike to have an access point or allow video calling (many people use these while traveling), but I would appreciate a presence sensor that alerts me when a vehicle is closer than allowed.


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