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Thursday, June 6, 2024
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Binance Announces 55th Project on Launchpool: IO.NET (IO)

Binance has introduced its 55th project on Binance Launchpool, IO.NET (IO) – a decentralized cloud and AI computing platform. The platform’s website will be available for 5 hours, right before Launchpool starts.

Users can stake BNB and FDUSD into separate pools, allowing for IO token farming over a period of 4 days. The farming process will begin at 07:00 on June 7, 2024 (Vietnam time).

Important dates and trading pairs

IO token is expected to be listed on Binance at 19:00 on June 11, 2024 (Vietnam time) with trading pairs IO/BTC, IO/USDT, IO/BNB, IO/FDUSD and IO/ TRY. Additionally, Seed Tag will be applied to IO.

Detailed information about Launchpool IO:

  • Token name: IO.NET (IO)
  • Total token supply at Genesis: 500,000,000 IO
  • Maximum total token supply: 800,000,000 IO
  • Launchpool reward: 20,000,000 IO (4% of total supply at Genesis)
  • Initial circulating supply: 95,000,000 IO (19% of total supply at Genesis)
  • Staking terms: Identity verification (KYC) required
  • Hourly hardcap per user: 17,708.33 IO in BNB pool and 3,125 IO in FDUSD pool

Pools are supported and time farming. farming

Stakeholders can participate in 2 supported pools:

  • Stake BNB: Offer 17,000,000 IO (85%) rewards
  • Staking FDUSD: Offers 3,000,000 IO (15%) reward

Farming time lasts from 07:00 June 7, 2024 to 6:59 June 11, 2024 (Vietnam time).

Daily IO distribution

During farming, daily IO distribution across pools is as follows:

  • Total daily rewards: 5,000,000 IO
  • BNB pool daily rewards: 4,250,000 IO
  • FDUSD pool daily reward: 750,000 IO

The introduction of IO.NET (IO) through Binance Launchpool brings exciting prospects to the crypto community. As the big moment approaches, anticipation and interest in the IO token continue to grow, marking a major milestone in Binance’s ongoing commitment to innovation and community-centric initiatives focus in the field of cryptocurrency.

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