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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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By saving storage space, a Mac app stands out from the crowd

Washing Machine is only 19.99, instead of 49.99 euros, at the moment. This Mac software allows you to save storage space on your Mac, quickly. The 60% off, however, is only available for a limited time. It is better not to delay in accessing the offer, therefore. This saves 30 euros. For comparison, be aware that the high storage options offered by Apple Macs often require you to pay more than a hundred euros.

I take advantage of the offer

With Washing Machine, you will benefit from several features. The first is to detect and then mass delete unnecessary files. We find them in the font library, among others. But that’s not all, because Washing Machine can also detect duplicates. Finally, know that the software has an intelligent tool that automatically classifies your documents for you.

An asset also for your cybersecurity

Please note that for only 10 euros more, you can also obtain a one-year license allowing you to use the Premium Mac Pack (antivirus) from Intego. This is the same developer behind Washing Machine.

I take advantage of the offer

The Mac Premium Pack is a complete cybersecurity suite, which also includes a firewall, malware detector and parental controls. As a bonus, this offer also includes a program to make backups of your memory. Washing Machine completes the formula, for a final price of 29.99 euros for the first year instead of 84.99 euros per year. That’s 65% savings this time, which is not negligible in these times of crisis.

An antivirus is very useful in 2024. We no longer count the security updates that Apple sends to its computers, within our columns. This is indeed a sign that failures are commonplace. Indeed, these new versions of the operating system often fill flaws. And sometimes, hackers have been able to infiltrate it, then having access to our personal data.

Of course, not all security vulnerabilities have been exploited in this way. But it is possible, and the patches sent by Apple are not always enough to deal with it. We know that companies like the NSO Group do not hesitate to access the content of any iPhone, without authorization. And this, in complete discretion. The owner of the targeted mobile is therefore not even aware, in certain cases.

How to choose between Washing Machine and Premium Mac Pack?

If you just need to save storage space, then Washing Machine at 19.99 euros should be enough. Please note, however, that this is only the case when you have already installed a good cybersecurity solution. Therefore, the Mac Gatekeeper must be accompanied by an antivirus to optimize the defense of your hardware.

Intego antivirus included in the Premium Mac Pack has almost 25 years of experience on this operating system. It is therefore a good candidate for installation. Moreover, the comparison put forward by the publisher shows that its software eradicates 100% of threats.

I take advantage of the offer

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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