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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Can you change the thermal paste on a graphics card? And should you?

It is normal to think that, due to the way a video card is built, it does not have to be opened at any time, since for certain people this can result in breaking this component, mainly because it is necessary to have minimal knowledge (or look very well YouTube tutorials) before touching anything on our computer, so it is normal for people to think that you cannot change the thermal paste on the computer. GPUBut that is not the case.

Graphic thermal paste

You can change the GPU thermal paste

It is not at all strange, as we have said, that this is the case, since like the CPU, the graphics card incorporates a similar microchip that actually acts as the graphics processing core of our card, so that in turn, when Using the same type of design that we can find in a processor in which there is the socket, the microchip and the heatsink, our graphics work in a similar way.

This in turn implies that between the chip itself that acts as the core and the heatsink, thermal paste is used to reduce the temperature that this component can reach, and like the one we use in our processor, it can end up drying out. which will increase the temperatures of our video card and make our PC generally worse.

Image of applying thermal paste on a processor

It is advisable?

As we have indicated previously, thermal paste is not the panacea that lasts forever until we change the processor or graphics card, it is simply an accessory that has a limited time before having to reapply it, so it really is. It is advisable to change it from time to time, but always taking into account several key factors that many people tend to forget and that are extremely important:

The guarantee

You have to be very careful with this, since when changing the thermal paste we obviously have to open the Graphic cardso if we do it, we kill ourselves warrantyso that in the event of any unforeseen event, we will no longer be able to claim a new card.

The conditions

We can certainly think that the problem of our graphic overheating is that the thermal paste has dried, but this does not have to be the case, since the very conditions in which we have the graphic (dust), the environmental conditions ( temperatures) and the use we give it, influences everything when it comes to seeing what degrees the temperature of our graph oscillates, so you just have to clean it a little so that it works as it should again.

The thermal paste itself

This can be a problem, since as we have indicated before, the moment you open the graph you lose the warranty, so if you want to check if it is really the fault that a poor quality paste has been used or if it is simply has dried, you must disassemble your card to check it.


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