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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Celestia launches Blobstream DA solution on Ethereum mainnet

According to Notification On Monday, modular blockchain network Celestia launched its data availability (DA) solution, Blobstream, on the Ethereum mainnet.

Developed by Succinct Labs, Blobstream allows the streaming of Celestia’s data feed to an Ethereum light client (software or application that helps users interact with the blockchain without storing all the data on it) on-chain. This solution provides high-throughput data availability for Ethereum layer 2 (L2) solutions, backed by crypto-economic guarantees.

Previously, Ethereum developers faced throughput limitations, forcing them to turn to alternative layer 1 networks or rely on centralized services for DA.

Blobstream allows developers to continue their work in the Ethereum ecosystem. Builders can create high-throughput, customizable block space without permissions or commitments while ensuring security through cryptographic economic guarantees.

Additionally, the Celestia team announced that Blobstream on the Ethereum mainnet is now accessible on Celestia’s Celenium blockchain explorer.

According to Notification On the Celestia blog, Succinct Labs introduced Blobstream . This reduces validator overhead, simplifies the Celestia protocol, and accelerates native data transfer for Ethereum L2.

As noted, both Blobstream and its ZK rollup are currently available on the testnet. Following code testing and the upcoming launch, the community will be able to deploy Blobstream on Ethereum Mainnet and L2 to enhance DA transmission.

Previously, Celestia brought Blobstream to Arbitrum Orbit, Starknet, and Base, marking its commitment to continuously improving the infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem.

*Zero-knowledge (ZK) refers to a type of protocol in which one party can prove to the other that a statement is true without revealing any information other than the truth of the statement.

*Zero knowledge proofs (ZKP) is a method in cryptography and number theory that allows one party to prove that they know a certain fact without having to reveal specific information about that fact. In a ZKP, the prover has the ability to prove to the verifier that a statement is true without providing any additional information beyond the credibility of the statement. In blockchain, ZKP can be used to verify the correctness of a transaction without having to reveal sensitive details such as the amount of money in the transaction. This helps protect user privacy while ensuring system integrity.

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