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ChatGPT: the official application is released on Mac

This Monday, March 13, OpenAI announced the launch of a ChatGPT desktop application for Mac. It is available now for ChatGPT Plus subscribers (paid version), then will be rolled out in the coming weeks to all those using the free offer.

Mac users at the party

Simply go to the ChatGPT website or application where the installation will be offered to you. As explained Numeramaif this is not the case, you can also retrieve OpenAI DMG from third-party servers.

As a reminder, this AI is already available in the form of an iOS and Android application. Owners of Apple-branded computers, however, benefit from preferential treatment, because the Windows version will not be released until later this year.

This announcement foreshadows close ties between these two companies. We are also talking about the possibility of seeing certain features available via the iOS 18 update. In any case, we should soon find out more during the WWDC keynote on June 10.

This launch took place as part of the presentation of GPT4-o. This language model seems mainly focused on vocals. He is able to answer certain questions in less than a second (previously it took several seconds). Enough to reinforce the immersion and give us the impression of talking with a human being.

AI can also read text, analyze images, or hear and recognize sounds. It can also use your smartphone camera or computer webcam to analyze your face and interact with you in real time. Finally, GPT-4o takes the capabilities of AI such as DALL-E and can generate images as you wish. To know more, it’s this way.

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