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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
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CoinCodex: SHIB and Pepe can deliver 50% profit

Furthermore, the market is currently tracking BTC and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  PEPE could rise further, but only if BTC surges.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and requires a strong stomach to digest profits and losses. While some cryptocurrencies bring multi-million dollar profits to investors, others tend to make them miserable.

Timing plays a pivotal role that can make or break a trader’s portfolio and change the course of their life.

Now that we are midway through the year, the two cryptocurrencies are predicted to deliver returns of almost 50%. In this article, we will highlight two top cryptocurrencies that are forecast to increase by 50% this month.

2 coins can bring 50% profit

Shiba Inu

Leading on-chain price prediction and measurement company CoinCodex painted a rosy picture for Shiba Inu in June 2024. According to price predictions, SHIB could scale up 50% this month and hit a new monthly high. Forecasts show that the cryptocurrency could reach 0.00003767 USD this month by June 2024.

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