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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Delta Emulator, or how to transform your iPhone into a Nintendo console

Since March, Apple has had a European obligation to open its ecosystem to other players in the technological world. Since the firm applied DMA rules, we can see previously banned applications appear on iOS devices. This is the case of an application that has gone viral, which brings joy to all iPhone owners since it immerses you in the games of your childhood for almost not a penny.

Delta Emulator is currently the hot topic on TikTok. Influencers and users are all downloading this miracle application that allows you to transform your iPhone into a Nintendo DS. Nintendogs, The Bratz, Animal Crossing or Mario Kart, all titles released on the retro console are faithfully reproduced. The experience even goes so far as to make all other Nintendo consoles available, from the SNES to the Game Boy.

The application was already available all over the world. If you live outside Europe, it is likely that it will be very easily accessible. But in our region, you have to use an alternative means to obtain it. You will have to pay less than two euros, and show a little bit of resourcefulness. To do this, make sure you already have the latest version of iOS, namely 17.4.1. Then follow these steps exactly.

  • Go to Safari
  • Type in the URL bar
  • Download the Altstore Pal application for €1.80 with taxes (this is an annual renewable service)
  • After payment, go to your smartphone settings to authorize pop-ups
  • Finalize the application download

At this stage, what you have just downloaded is not the emulator, but an alternative store. Like the App Store, but not designed by Apple. So just go to this store to download the Delta application. Its logo is a purple triangle on a black background.

Beware of piracy

Although the prospect of having access to hundreds of games on a handful of consoles for €1.80 is tempting. But we must still differentiate between what is authorized and what is tolerated, or even prohibited. The Delta Emulator app does not give you access to any games itself. To take advantage of it, you must download the bios of the ecosystems and the ROMs of the games that interest you. But this whole practice is obviously illegal.

Only one practice remains more or less recommendable. This involves recovering the ROMs of games of which you have purchased a physical copy on one of the consoles supported by the application. Even in this scenario, the limits of the law do not guarantee that you are not at risk, although emulators as tools are completely legal.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
Freelance News Writer. Always interested in the way in which technology can change people's lives, and that is why I also advise individuals and companies when it comes to adopting all the advances in Apple devices and services.


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