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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Do Video Games Make You Violent? Science Decides Once Again

Do Video Games Make You Violent? This is a question we can legitimately ask ourselves as we look at the attacks from world leaders on our still relatively young media.

If the answer to this question is obvious to the player and the accusations to the media are annoying, what does the science say about it?

Attack from all sides

Since video games are still often unknown to the general public, it’s easy to blame them for all of our problems without addressing the real causes of the world’s violence problem. It is therefore these types of accusations that have no real basis that the President of our beloved Republic was able to launch recently before later recanting on the subject.

It made gamers jump.

But I have always thought that video games are an opportunity for France, for our young people and our future, for our jobs and our economy.

I want to be (more) clear…

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) September 16, 2023

If it’s too late, you’ll do yourself a disservice by demonstrating, at best, your lack of knowledge on the topic, and, at worst, your willingness to easily blame problems in the field without any scientific basis.

It was precisely this kind of slander that could be unleashed in front of him. donald trumpA former US president has blamed video game violence for another mass shooting.

video games, ideal shooter

The situation becomes even more ironic when you realize that in the United States it is very easy to purchase weapons of war at your local supermarket. After 38 mass shootings (leaving four or more people dead) last year alone, it’s clearly easier to blame video games than to address the country’s real problems.

© Rockstar Games

More violent styles of games are emerging, including: Mortal Kombat and GTA To name a few examples: America’s political class quickly became passionate about the topic. The same way some Catholics see it. Pokemon While playing games that instill Satanism in children, some people imagined that the violent acts seen in the games would also be committed on a large scale in real life.

Since then, American politics has regularly highlighted the topic of video games to justify mass shootings rather than to question the Constitution’s Second Amendment, which allows citizens to easily possess weapons of war.

Violence, video games, and what does science say?

For years, science has been trying to determine whether there is a correlation between the violence depicted in certain games and violence in real life. Numerous studies on this topic appear regularly.

All of this shows that there is no causal relationship between violence in video games and violence in real life. In a recent American study, Follow-up over 8 years with adolescents to confirm these findings. Researchers were able to observe that JV practices through violent games showed no signs of developing more aggressive behavior.

Main characters of GTA 6
© Rockstar

Most studies show the opposite: Specific youth violence often occurs in complex social, familial, and economic environments., games are not considered. Once again, science has determined and once again indicates that it is no longer useful for politicians to instrumentalize violence in games.

Unfortunately for them (and us), the financial problems are much harder to solve, and video games are sure to remain the scapegoat for some time.

  • Since the release of licenses like Mortal Kombat, there has often been a tendency in political circles to blame video games for causing youth to become violent.
  • Although numerous studies on this topic appear regularly, a causal link between game violence and real-life violence has never been proven.
  • Conversely, studies have shown that aggression problems stem from young people’s environments.


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