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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Do you remember Virtual Boy? These are their most expensive games

Nintendo, since its creation a few years ago, has always been at the forefront, creating pioneering consoles and titles that have gone down in the history of video games. Yes indeed, other times he has taken quite curious hits with some of his craziest ideas.

3D was a technology that Mario’s company had been experimenting with for a few years, but at the moment it was not too developed, since it would not be until the mid-nineties that three dimensions would begin to be used at all. maximum. If we take this into account, we will perfectly understand that Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s attempt to get into this market so early, did not go particularly well..

The most expensive thing about Virtual Boy

Of course, like any good video game disaster, this translates into grails for collectors that reach completely exorbitant prices. The Virtual Boy has games that meet this requirement, and we are going to tell you what these are.:

5. Bound High!

This title has a peculiarity compared to the rest of the list, since it is a title that, Although it was announced and had promotional art, it was ultimately not released. Because of this, anyone who has a copy of this video game in their possession has a real treasure in their hands that could sell for a whopping $411.

4. Faceball Remastered

Shooters at first glance might seem like the perfect games to be transferred to virtual reality. The fps version where we would have to shoot smiley faces (which is a very strange idea in itself) was going to receive a remastered version exclusively for Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, although that ultimately never happened. Currently its sale price reaches $459.

3. Waterworld

Based on the movie of the same name, this game is not much better than we say. The gameplay was quite simple, since we would have to defend ourselves from a series of enemies while trying to prevent our allies from being captured. At the time it was a failure in every way, so now you can find it for $507.02.

2. Mario’s Tennis

Mario and sports have been very good friends for decades. His tennis games are actually quite fun. However, This version for Virtual Boy made playing it not only difficult If not, because the technology at the time was not very developed, you might even feel unwell. It is currently worth $610.

1. Jack Bros.

This title, whose story about the festivities could be taken from a Tim Burton film, with several mythological characters who must return to their world before Halloween ends, has become a true grail that, In case you want to add it to your collection, you will have to take out a mortgagesince its sale price at this moment is $3,400, so you can now save.

And you? Do you have any of these games in your collection?




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