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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
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Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio is increasingly filled with memecoins

Donald Trump Adapts to Bitcoin Surge: “I Can Live With It”

During 2024 the cryptocurrency market saw the emergence of several prominent figures, one of which was Donald Trump.

Recently, Donald Trump has surprised many people in the crypto community.

Specifically, according to sources on

As a recent statistic from Arkham Intelligence shows, Trump holds the following tokens: “TRUMP, ETH, MVP, CONAN, BABYTRUMP, USDT, USDC…”, of which about 60% is memecoin.

Unlike traditional investments or transactions, Donald Trump’s cryptocurrency is mostly accumulated through daily airdrops from project developers. memecoin different.

Donald Trump’s holding of cryptocurrency further emphasizes the unique combination of politics and cryptocurrency. This marked the rise of “PolitiFi,” which is a combination of political figures and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Source: Arkham Intelligence

Developers of memecoin projects have sent numerous tokens to Trump’s public Ethereum address. They took advantage of Trump’s fame to attract media attention to promote their project.

Thanks to this, Trump’s portfolio is increasingly filled with tokens of memecoin projects.

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