DREAM MACHINES Powerful Laptops

It’s the ultimate machine in a duel with every title. Get the gameplay of the highest quality, full detail and smoothness. The most powerful video cards, processors and unique solutions for cooling. All in Dream Machines!

Available Now in NEPAL

G-Sync – Made to Game

Smooth and addictive gameplay with no image propagation effect. Technology that changes the rules of the game. And the highest refresh rates to ensure unmatched performance. In every game. Whenever. In any place. This is playing with G-Sync technology!

A new dimension of graphics

The revolutionary NVIDIA Turing ™ architecture and the all-new GeForce RTX ™ platform combine the capabilities of artificial intelligence, programmable shading and real-time ray tracing to enable you a completely new way to experience games. The latest generation will allow you to become more immersed in the virtual world and like never before have you experience all of the events.

GPU Generation






The power of PC in your laptop!

A unique solution for those looking for the most powerful machines. This unique solution allows you to feel the real power of a desktop computer enclosed in a case from a laptop. The ninth generation allows for even higher performance than previous generations. The possibility of overclocking desktop processors in Dream Machines laptops gives unique possibilities to increase power.



Up to

5.1 GHz

in Turbo Boost

High Cores 

High Threads

WVA – Incredible Quality

WVA – is an excellent screen for people who are looking for a wide viewing angle and at the same time, they are very important for the good reproduction of colors and depth. You’ll find it all in WVA screens on Dream Machines laptops!


Wide View Angle

Screen Quality


Refresh Rate


144Hz – 2x smoother experience

Get your gaming to a whole new level of entertainment thanks to 144Hz displays. The image is much smoother than with a standard screen, which means that the experience is even greater. Dream Machines laptops provide not only the strongest components, but also our experts make a lot of effort to make sure that the image that the user sees is the highest class.

Super fast USB 3.2 20 Gbps

The latest version of the USB 3.2 port is twice as fast as the previous generation and over 40x faster than USB 2.0. Data transfer has never been faster!

The newest generation of memory

In our laptops, we give you the opportunity to have the fastest memory available on the computer market. Its biggest advantage is that it works on the latest SO-DIMM technology whose performance blows all speed records. Get the best possible performance with your notebook with the support of advanced DDR4 memory.







Accelerate your data

Shorter system and program startup time. Faster loading when playing your favorite titles. Shockproof design. These are all the advantages of having SSDs, which not only provide several times higher speed than HDDs, but also thanks to their technology are more resistant than hard drives. Your data is safer, works faster and most importantly improves work on your laptop.

Speed Read

Up to 3500 MB/s

Disk Format



Upto 30x faster than HDD

Dream Cooling – chill and win

We know that for every player, cooling is one of the key aspects when choosing a gaming laptop. That is why, with that in mind, Dream Cooling was designed. Thanks to the use of stronger heat pipes which achieve much lower temperatures than the competition. The end of high temperatures and overheating of components, thanks to Dream Cooling, your laptop will work without any problems and without compromise! If you need to lower the temperature of your components, even more, you can also choose special thermal conductive pastes and scaling technique, which will allow you to lower the temperature by a dozen or so degrees!

Choose Your Variation

Dream Machines now Available in Nepal

1 Year Warranty & Our Support.

Windows 10 Pro Genuine

Microsoft Office Package Latest Version

Scout Mode – Perfect Solution for all Players

Not able to detect your enemy’s location from a single shot or footstep? Designed for this exact scenario, Scout Mode was developed to empower you to hear beyond what you can see. Every element of Scout Mode technology is designed to improve your response to audio events during gameplay. It begins with amplifying or attenuating the active audio stream by analyzing audio content in real-time and multi-channel information via our proprietary algorithm. In battle, every advantage you can get is critical. Your opponents won’t stand a chance.

Wifi 6 – Faster than ever

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi connections – this standard is a significantly expanded and improved version of the 802.11ac technology used so far. This is the solution for the most demanding users who are looking for reliability when connected to the network. Thanks to the use of technologies such as 1024-QAM or OFDMA, using Wi-Fi networks has never been so convenient and effective. Wi-Fi 6 uses 160 MHz wide channels, offering faster connection speeds between the router and devices. Watch movies in 8K quality, upload and download large files, use the full power of the internet without worrying about lags or performance drops.


Dream Machines specializes in providing the best solutions for gamers. We wanted to create something that would fulfill the needs of even the most demanding players. Many gamers cannot reach their potential as they a limited by hardware, such as a slow processor or weak graphics card. Our computers make sure that each gamer can reach his or her highest abilities, by offering our customers the most advanced equipment available on the market. Dream Machines is working with the top designers, experts, and manufacturers from around the world. Dream Machines only uses the highest quality components dedicated for games, which create a completely surreal experience. We put great emphasis on quality and are always open to customer feedback as we will continue to improve as new technologies become available. Rise above the rest and to the best of your abilities! Stand out from the group playing the best you can. Reach your dreams as the future of gaming lies within Dream Machines!

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