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Drone Crash in CAN Infotech Inauguration in Kathmandu: The Actual Cause

Kathmandu: The grand opening of the 29th CAN Infotech, hosted by the Computer Association Nepal Federation (CAN Federation), was momentarily marred when a drone, meant to shower flowers, met an unexpected accident.

During the inauguration of the 2080 Information and Technology Exhibition at the National Hall, a drone employed by the CAN Federation for a flower shower malfunctioned, crashing to the ground. Despite the mishap, fortunately, no injuries were reported among the audience.

The ceremony was marked by modern touches, including the use of a mobile app for ceremonial lighting and the deployment of drones for aerial displays. However, the excitement turned into a spectacle when the drone, intended to shower petals on the gathered crowd, faltered mid-flight, crashing to the ground.

Madhukaa’s drone service provided the drones for the event, and a technician from the service shed light on the mishap. According to the technician, the drone experienced a sudden power loss due to a depleted battery cell, despite showing a full charge earlier. Each drone battery typically consists of multiple cells, and if even one of them fails, it can cause the entire drone system to malfunction, leading to a sudden crash.

Furthermore, GarudX Drone Services, a Nepal-based company specializing in FPV Drones and custom-built drones, highlighted a crucial aspect that could have prevented the mishap. They pointed out that the absence of a telemetry system integration in the drone was a significant contributing factor. Telemetry systems provide real-time data on various aspects of drone operation, including battery status. In this case, the lack of telemetry meant that crucial information about the battery’s health wasn’t available, leading to the unexpected crash mid-flight.

Despite claims of potential interference in the hall, there is no conclusive evidence supporting such assertions. However, the incident underscores the importance of robust drone technology and proper safety protocols in public events like CAN Infotech.

In light of the recent drone mishap at the CAN Infotech inauguration, it’s imperative to emphasize the importance of thorough checks and adherence to safety standards before any drone flight. GarudX, a leading company in Nepal specializing in FPV Drones and custom-built drones, is at the forefront of promoting drone safety and reliability. Their innovative approach makes it easier for users to ensure that their drones meet all necessary standards and protocols, ensuring safe and resourceful flights.

It’s worth noting that until now, many drones used at events in Nepal have been operated by private entities like the Robotics Association Nepal (RAN). However, as highlighted by GarudX, there’s often a lack of telemetry devices and other safety protocols, which poses risks not only to the public but also to the professional drone community in Nepal. Drones are not mere toys; they are sophisticated machines with significant potential impact, both positive and negative. Therefore, ensuring that drones are built and operated in accordance with established standards is essential.

In this regard, GarudX is playing a crucial role in collaboration with the Drone Association Nepal to promote drone safety and standards. By advocating for proper checks and protocols, they aim to foster a culture of responsibility and professionalism within the drone community. With their expertise and dedication, GarudX is leading the way towards a safer and more sustainable future for drone technology in Nepal.

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