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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Epic Games fined more than one million euros for tricking children in Fortnite into spending money in its store

The Dutch authorities have tax a fine of 1,125 million Euros to Epic Games for their aggressive campaigns to trick children into paying for content on Fortnite.

Specifically, the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority has conducted an investigation where they have shown that Epic Games does not offer clear information about in-game purchases to children, accusing them of using strategies called “dark patterns” that They want children to spend money on microtransactions with texts like “Buy It Now” or “Get It Now.”

Geeknetic Fines Epic Games more than one million euros for tricking children into spending money in Fortnite in its store 1

Epic Games used prohibited aggressive marketing tactics targeting children

Part of this fine (half) has been imposed by use a very aggressive illegal practice to create in children the false sensation of “fear of missing out” elements of the game if they didn’t spend money on them. The other half of the fine refers to the implementation of fake counters that generated the feeling that a digital product of the game was going to end, even though it was still available after the countdown ended.

These illegal practices are prohibited in the European Union under its consumer protection laws, so we could see further sanctions from other member states or even the European Commission. In fact, the US has already imposed a higher fine for deceiving children with the same mechanism.

For its part, it has announced that it will appeal the decision, alleging that withdrawing these aggressive practices “will result in a poor experience for users.” While they make the appeal, the company will eliminate ads for items for purchase in Fortnite that are available for less than 48 hours to all underage users.

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