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Everything You Need to Know About the New ChatGPT GPT Store

If you find yourself intrigued by the rapidly expanding realm of artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, you’ll want to take note of the newly launched ChatGPT GPT Store. This innovative platform marks a significant milestone in the AI industry, revolutionizing how both everyday users and seasoned developers interact with and access customized versions of Chat GPT. It serves as a pivotal hub, simplifying the process of finding and utilizing tailored AI solutions.

Video Walkthrough and Analysis: Discover the GPT Store

To delve deeper into what this groundbreaking store offers, the video provided by Skill Leap AI is an essential watch, offering an informative walkthrough and in-depth analysis of the store’s features and its potential to transform our engagement with AI technology.

Explore the GPT Store: A Universe of Custom AI Solutions

At its core, the GPT Store is a marketplace of possibilities. Hosting over 3 million custom GPTs, it’s a treasure trove of AI models, ranging from everyday solutions to specialized tools. Whether you’re a developer looking to showcase your creation or a user seeking a specific AI application, the GPT Store is the place to be.

How to Access the Store

Accessing the GPT Store is a breeze. You can dive into this AI universe by visiting the direct URL ( or simply clicking on the “Explore GPTs” tab within the Chat GPT interface. It’s designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that you can start exploring with just a few clicks.

Weekly Featured GPTs: Discover Something New

Each week, the store spotlights different GPTs. It’s a great way to discover new applications, like a handy app for finding hiking trails or a coding tutor from Khan Academy. These features keep the platform fresh and engaging.

Create and Share Your Custom GPT

For those who love to create, the GPT Store offers the chance to design your own GPTs. Once you’ve crafted your AI model, you can share it with the world by adding it to the store. The only requirement is that you save it for public use and establish a builder profile with a verified name or website.

Monetize Your Creations: Builder Revenue Program

In the first quarter, the store plans to roll out a revenue program for GPT builders. This is an exciting opportunity for creators to earn based on how users engage with their GPTs. While details are still forthcoming, this initiative promises to add a new dimension to AI development.

New Team Plan for Enhanced Collaboration

The introduction of a new team plan is especially intriguing for businesses and collaborative projects. Priced at $25 per month per person, this plan offers additional features that cater to the needs of teams, enhancing productivity and collaboration.


As we witness the continuous evolution of the GPT Store, it becomes increasingly evident that this platform transcends the traditional boundaries of a mere marketplace. It emerges as a vibrant and dynamic community hub, a focal point for AI enthusiasts, innovators, and developers from various backgrounds. This evolution is not just a reflection of the platform’s capabilities but also symbolizes the escalating importance and integration of AI in our everyday lives. The GPT Store embodies the vast and limitless potential that custom GPTs hold, paving the way for groundbreaking applications and innovations.History of ChatGPT Development.

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