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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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From the SEC’s Unexpected Decisions with Meme Tokens: How Could the Cryptocurrency Market Change?

The cryptocurrency market saw a wave of volatility in May 2024, sparked by regulatory surprises and the resurgence of meme tokens. The most important point is the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of a rule change, which could soon allow an Ethereum ETF to launch. This important decision not only changed the market dynamics but also sparked interest in various meme tokens on blockchain networks.

SEC Approves Ethereum ETF: Game Changing

On May 23, the SEC approved rule 19b-4 change, an important step towards introducing an Ethereum ETF. This decision was surprising because previous market sentiment was largely in favor of not passing. Analysts speculate that political motives may have played a role, as President Biden’s administration is looking to boost support against presidential candidate Donald Trump – who supports electronic money. The green light for the ETF came earlier than expected, initially expected for late June or early July.

This event had an immediate impact on the market. The ETH/BTC pair recovered strongly from its yearly low of 0.045, and data from CryptoQuant shows a significant movement of ETH from exchanges to self-custodial wallets. About 797,000 ETH (worth about $3.02 billion) was withdrawn from exchanges between May 23 and June 2. This trend shows that investors are holding on to their ETH, predicting the price will continue to rise – a bullish signal.

Market dynamics are changing: Ethereum is on the rise

The approval of the Ethereum ETF has shifted the market’s focus from Bitcoin to Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The relative market capitalization of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin is now comparable to the level seen in March, showing growing interest in Ethereum. The narrowing trading volume gap between the two cryptocurrencies shows that Ethereum is gradually attracting the attention of both institutional and retail investors.

The return of Memecoin

The positive sentiment surrounding the Ethereum ETF has spread to the memecoin market. This resurgence started with memes on Ethereum and quickly expanded to other blockchains like Solana and Bitcoin. Notable among these is the emergence of politically themed memes, a trend known as “PolitiFi,” which are tokens revolving around two US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Coins supported by celebrities: JENNER and MOTHER

May also saw the rise of celebrity-backed memes, with notable examples including JENNER introduced by Caitlyn Jenner and MOTHER created by Iggy Azalea. These tokens quickly became popular, reaching a trading volume exceeding $200 million in just a few days. The rapid success of these coins underscores the strong influence of celebrities in the cryptocurrency market.

Runes Protocol’s market explosion

The Runes protocol, launched on April 20, initially performed modestly but experienced a significant market capitalization increase in May, surpassing the $1 billion mark. This significant increase comes after a bold statement by founder Casey Rodarmor, who vowed to commit seppuku if the market capitalization did not reach $1 billion within a month. The enthusiastic market response shows a strong shift towards Runes meme coins.

Stablecoin cash flow: Slow but steady increase

Despite the overall downward trend of the market, stablecoin inflows saw a modest increase of $18 million in May with no significant outflows. This stability shows that the underlying bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has not yet been completely reversed. Additionally, the market recovery since late May, fueled by a recovery in Bitcoin prices, suggests stablecoin flows may improve in June, potentially leading to incremental recovery steps as Investor confidence continues to build.


May was volatile for the cryptocurrency market, marked by the SEC’s surprise move against Ethereum ETFs and the resurgence of meme tokens. These developments highlight the dynamic nature of markets, where regulatory decisions and cultural phenomena such as memes can significantly influence investor behavior and market trends. As markets anticipate further regulatory approvals to come and the continued rise of memes continues, the outlook for the coming months remains optimistic and forward-looking.


Mark Tyson
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