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Monday, June 10, 2024
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GambleFi Token on Solana Raises Over $1.4 Million in Presale – Review From Crypto Wire

Recently, Crypto Wire published a review of its presale phase Mega Dice ($DICE)with values ​​up to more 1.4 million dollars. It is known that the Mega Dice token is a newly licensed cryptocurrency gamefi project, providing a rich and diverse game library.

Built on the Solana platform, Mega Dice aspires to overthrow the leading GamebleFi empire and become the most successful casino project in the cryptocurrency market today.

Mega Dice Token Raises Over $1.4 Million in Presale

Mega Dice “celebrated” with more than 1.4 million dollars during the presale period, which proves strong interest and trust from investors in this promising project.

Each Dice token is sold for $0.075 in the first phase, it is expected that this price will continue to increase during the next phase of the presale and the official launch of the token.

Job token $DICE Increasing prices slowly through the presale stages is intended to attract early investors and make buyers feel “fear of missing out”. As the first GambleFi platform on Solana, Mega Dice aims to combine the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance.

With just an email address, users can register completely anonymously. Additionally, boasting over 50,000 players and 10,000 monthly active users, Mega Dice is on a strong growth trajectory in the global cryptocurrency sector.

Possessing a huge game library with more than 4,000 games under the Play-To-Earn model (play to earn money) in the top 50 sports and esports, Mega Dice holds a key position in the entire field. games and cryptocurrencies.

More impressively, Mega Dice recently added to its collection the game “Wild Survivor”, a game genre that challenges players’ survival skills and offers big winning rewards at Mega Dice Casino. Furthermore, the project’s X platform account is constantly updated with information about new events and giveaways, further increasing investor excitement about the project’s potential.

Investors can participate in the presale phase of the Mega Dice token through the official website, by connecting their wallet via MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

If having difficulty connecting the wallet, users can purchase this token by sending Solana (SOL) to a designated address.

This flexibility allows participants to use different cryptocurrencies, including SOL, Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain (BNB).

In addition, Mega Dice also organizes an airdrop program during the presale period. In Season 1, the total value of $750,000 of the program will be divided equally among participants, and future airdrop events are planned for Season 2 and Season 3.

Another unique feature is that holders and stakers of $DICE tokens will receive daily rewards based on platform performance. This not only encourages early investors but also creates vibrant interaction between users and the project.

Mega Dice’s preferential reward system for players and investors

Mega Dice is building an attractive reward system, attracting both players and investors. Limited edition NFTs will be given to participants to unlock exclusive access, rewards, and trading opportunities in the Mega Dice marketplace.

The $DICE token serves as the heart of the ecosystem, providing users with exclusive features, rewards, and benefits. Investors who participate early in the presale phase will be rewarded with additional $DICE tokens, maximizing the value of their investment.

To increase attraction, the Mega Dice project’s referral program also offers attractive rewards, rewarding 25% of revenue when token holders introduce new people. $DICE’s tokenomics is detailed to promote long-term future growth and stability.

With a total supply of 420 million tokens, of which 35% is allocated to the pre-sale phase, to encourage early investment participation. Additionally, 15% is allocated to the airdrop program, facilitating interaction within the community.

Besides, liquidity is guaranteed thanks to 15% allocated to liquidity pools, of which $DICE’s separate pool will receive an additional 15%. Finally, 10% is reserved for staking rewards, 5% for marketing and 5% for affiliate activities.

This allocation strategy balances both the immediate benefits for investors and the long-term growth of the platform. Mega Dice’s development roadmap outlines a clear direction to become the leading gaming token on the Solana platform.

Currently, the project is focusing on the presale phase and building an extensive marketing strategy for the launch when the presale event ends. To ensure fair token distribution, it is essential to synchronize token requests from the presale with the DEX listing.

Furthermore, the liquidity pool is allocated to ensure market stability and early staking rewards will be given to presale participants. This helps offer attractive rewards, attracting investors before Mega Dice officially launches on the DEX.


The Mega Dice token offers a promising investment opportunity in the growing GambleFi sector. With a successful presale period that raised more than $1.4 million as well as a comprehensive plan for growth and rewards, Mega Dice is gradually becoming a “giant” in the field of cryptocurrency and gaming.

Early investors will benefit from preferential token prices during the presale, exclusive rewards and a super attractive referral program. As the platform grows, the price of the $DICE token is expected to continue to increase, creating favorable conditions for those who participate now. To participate in the presale phase of the Mega Dice token, visit here.


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