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Gemini Replaces Google Assistant on Android (But Not Quite Yet)

Key Points

  • Google’s AI assistant Bard is now called Gemini.
  • Gemini has a new app that can replace Google Assistant on Android (partially).
  • iOS users get Gemini within the Google app (no dedicated app yet).
  • Not all Assistant features are in Gemini yet, but more are coming.
  • Gemini offers additional features like contextual phone screen help.

Android Users Get First Dibs on Gemini App

Say goodbye to Bard, hello to Gemini! Google’s rebranded AI assistant now boasts a dedicated Android app, offering an optional replacement for Google Assistant. While you can still invoke it with the familiar “Hey, Google” wake word, the experience will be powered by Gemini.

But wait, there’s a catch. Not all of Google Assistant’s features have made the jump to Gemini just yet. Core functionalities like setting timers, making calls, and controlling smart home devices are covered, but more advanced integrations are still on the way. Google assures us they’re working on it!

Gemini’s Overlay: Contextual Help at Your Fingertips

So, what makes Gemini different? One key feature is its contextual awareness. The app can analyze what’s happening on your phone screen, offering relevant help in real-time. Want to generate a caption for that amazing photo you just took? No problem! Need quick clarification on something you’re reading? Ask Gemini!

iOS Users Don’t Miss Out Entirely

While Android gets the dedicated app treatment, iOS users won’t be left behind. They’ll be able to access Gemini through the Google app, allowing them to chat with the AI, create custom images, and get writing assistance for social media posts. However, a dedicated iOS app is still forthcoming.

Global Rollout on the Horizon

The initial launch is limited to Android and iOS users in the US, with English as the only supported language. But fear not, globetrotters! Google plans to expand to more locations and languages next week, including English, Japanese, and Korean. A wider rollout will follow, bringing Gemini to even more corners of the world.

Key Takeaways:

Dedicated AppYesNo (accessible through Google App)
Assistant ReplacementOptionalNot available
Language Support (Initial)EnglishEnglish
Additional FeaturesContextual screen helpChat, image creation, writing assistance

What’s Next for Gemini?

Only time will tell if Gemini truly replaces Google Assistant as the dominant AI helper. But its advanced features and contextual awareness make it a compelling option for Android users seeking a more personalized and interactive experience. As both platforms evolve and features are added, the battle for AI supremacy will surely heat up. Stay tuned!

Additional Notes:

  • For detailed instructions on switching to Gemini or accessing it through the Google app, refer to Google’s official announcement or help pages.
  • Consider sharing your thoughts and experiences with Gemini in the comments below!


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