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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Google Gemini: what it is and how this AI works

In this guide I explain what is Google Gemini and how exactly it works. My intention is for this information to be accessible to people with all levels of knowledge in the field of AI. Therefore, below you will not find very technical explanations, but rather information that is easy to understand for everyone. Discover what’s behind this technology, what it’s for and how to access it.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is a language model based on generative algorithms whose main objective is to imitate the writing ability of humans. Furthermore, thanks to the enormous amount of data that the model has been inputting, it is not only capable of generating texts, but also of understanding very well what the user is asking of it.

Gemini is the successor to Google Bard, which we have already told you about previously. It is, so to speak, an improved version that Google wants to integrate into different applications and devices.

What are language models

Google Gemini in its most classic form, the chatbot

So that you know exactly how Google Gemini works, it is important that you learn what language models based on artificial intelligence are. Thanks to very complex mathematical algorithms, these models They learn to understand and generate text in a similar way to how humans do. To achieve them, they are automatically trained with many text examples and taught the basic rules of the language.

Over time, thanks to machine learning, which is the ability of these systems to learn patterns on their own, the models They learn how language works and can answer questions, write stories or even translate languages. They work as a kind of virtual assistant that understands what you say and can give you useful answers.

And what are language models trained with? Since the objective is for them to generate text and understand a written request from the user, These models are fed by large volumes of written information. If we talk about Google Gemini, it is actually very similar to OpenAI’s GPT-4. It is a generalist model, trained with information on all types of topics.

How Google Gemini works

Greetings from Gemini to you, Profesional Review reader

Google Gemini is the language model in which can base specific applications. For example, a user can create a text in Google Docs or plan their vacation with a query in the chatbot hosted on In both cases, you will be using the same technology, just for different purposes.

With this clear, we must highlight two aspects of Google Gemini that are really interesting. Both are closely related to the way this language model works:

  • Multimodal. That means that it not only supports text input, but also allows you to receive data in the form of image, drawings, songs and much more.
  • Different versions. Google has released several versions of Gemini to achieve various goals. We have, on the one hand, the Ultra, the Pro and the Nano versions. The last one is the most interesting, since it is possible to run it locally on mobile devices. And why is this good news? Basically, because AI has been based on a really expensive cloud architecture. With the Nano version of Gemini, the power needed to run the language model is delegated to each device.
Any Serrat fan knows that the first two songs do not exist and that the durations of the rest are false

Despite this, like other language models, the chatbot don’t know what they’re talking about. In reality, they take a probabilistic and statistical approach, displaying the most appropriate terms based on the input provided by the user. Therefore, it is easy to come across incorrect answers, bad translations and various inventions. This happens to Google Gemini and any other language model.

How to try Google Gemini right now

As I explained to you, Google Gemini It is not in itself a service or an application. In reality, the language model is integrated into different apps and platforms to help solve various tasks. Therefore, Gemini can be a chatbot, a virtual assistant or a formula generator in Sheets.

Google Gemini in the form of a chatbot on its official website

Taking this into account, the best way to test its capabilities is by accessing its official website. Just type in the browser and sign in with your Google account. From there, talk to the chatbot and ask it to resolve your questions.

The long journey of Google Gemini (and its competitors)

The technology we are talking about has been cataloged with artificial intelligence. Even though AI is beginning to be integrated everywhere, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that behind these chatbots there is nothing more than mathematics, probabilities and statistics. And that distances them a lot from the true human behavior that they try to imitate.

Google Gemini, and by extension its competitors, have achieved a very advanced understanding of human language. This will allow you as a user ask you in a very natural way to perform tasks of all kinds. In fact, Gemini is already beginning to appear on Android in the form of an assistant, although it is not yet capable of going as far as Google Assistant.

Google Gemini analyzing a Threads screenshot

All in all, the journey towards greater precision in the responses of these language models is long, if at all possible. In this sense, Do not confuse the amount of data they are capable of processing with the real intelligence they simulate. Unfortunately, the term AI or artificial intelligence is increasingly associated with marketing, landing on products that, in reality, are not based on algorithms, but on automation.

That Google Gemini today has not generally reached products as successful as Google search It reminds us that there is still room for improvement and that the road ahead is long. Despite this, Google’s proposal has very striking approaches, such as its reduced version that can be executed locally.

And you do you think? Is Google Gemini a revolution? Are chatbots based on language models in general? What applications do you think this technology can have? Leave us your opinion below. We read each other!

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