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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Google has illegally collected data from 136 million people: now it has to delete it

It is well known that Google’s main source of income is advertising and user data. Since we open Google Chrome, enter Google, or simply use our Android mobile or one of the company’s free services, we are paying with our information. However, the Internet giant has long been collecting data, without permission, from users. And, now, you’re going to have to delete them.

Surely we have entered Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode more than once. In this mode, the goal is to be able to browse the Internet without leaving a trace on the PC. When we close the browser, all the data that has been generated while browsing (cookies, histories, temporary files, etc.) disappears from the PC so that there is no evidence of what we have done.

However, without warning (as shown in the previous screenshot), Google has also been collecting information from users who have connected with this browser mode. This message has now changed and it is clearly indicated that everything we do in this mode is saved by Google to be used for different purposes (browser improvement, analysis, Big Data, etc.). However, what happens to all that data that has been stored illegally without Google notifying us?

Google will delete all data, but will continue to collect it

Google has already changed the policies for using Chrome’s Incognito Mode to make it clear that, although there is no trace left on the PC of what is done in this mode, Google does save everything.

Google Chrome Canary incognito mode message

This change comes hand in hand with a lawsuit imposed in the United States for this illegal practice. The plaintiff requested a fine of 5,000 million dollars from the company, a fine that, in the end, has been dismissed by the judge responsible for the case. But, despite this, Google has agreed that will delete all collected data until December 2023, the date from which the change in the Incognito mode message was introduced.

Google has also taken the opportunity to put new limits on the information collected from users when they use this mode. And, in addition, it makes it clear that the data it collects is never associated with any user, but is only used for data analysis and to understand trends and uses. Or, at least, that’s what its spokesperson indicates.

Can I trust Incognito Mode?

As we have seen, Google is going to delete all the data it has collected until the end of 2023. But it does not announce that it is going to stop collecting data, quite the opposite. As we have seen in the last screenshot, when we open the Incognito Mode we can now see how it is clearly indicated that Google can save all the information about what we do in this mode. And, furthermore, now legally.

If you want to have even the slightest bit of privacy, the first thing you should do is stay away from Google and similar tech giants, like Microsoft. Firefox is a good browser where privacy prevails. Therefore, if we need to browse without leaving a trace and without other companies taking our data, Firefox Private Mode is a good alternative.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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