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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Google I/O: Alphabet announces many new features

Alphabet has just organized its annual conference, Google I/O. During this event, which shortly precedes Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, its competitor Mountain View notably announced the arrival of the “AI Overview” functionality within its search engine. This one, according to our colleagues from Lemon who have looked into the issueallow “to have in one click the answer to a complex question, accompanied by a press review“.

During the event, Google also announced that Gemini 1.5 Proits alternative to the premium version of ChatGPT, will appear in early access for subscribers Workspace. This is the new name for G Suite, with the Docs word processing tool, presentation software and the Sheets spreadsheet, but including advanced options unavailable to general public users.

Change for Android 15

At the same time, Alphabet announced that Gemini 1.5 would replace the Google Assistant on Android 15. The publisher explains here that it developed the system locally, which, in theory, is better for the cybersecurity of the devices. It is also rumored that a drastic improvement of Siri boosted by artificial intelligence will soon be entitled to the same advantage, perhaps presented precisely at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

The beta version for Android developers has been available since last February. A final version is expected by the third quarter of 2024, and should therefore see the light of day not far from the release date of iOS 18, also in final version. Apple’s new operating system is in fact expected in beta from June as well, for global deployment in September.

Astra will shake up your smartphone

During Google I/O, we were also able to discover the new “Astra” project from Sundar Pichai’s teams, which could ultimately be known under another commercial name. The presentation video, to be viewed just below, allows you to discover a smart camera which recognizes objects filmed live by the user. A very practical feature, which is reminiscent of the growing success of Google Lens or text detection with Apple’s Camera app.

Finally, jumbled together, we can also cite the following new features among the most notable at the Google I/O conference this year:

  • artificial intelligence now allows advanced search in Google Photos, for example by asking the app to find all images captured in national parks
  • camera troubleshooting, which can include tips on how to fix a turntable when filming a non-working turntable
  • Music AI Sandbox, to create samples automatically with artificial intelligence
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