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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Google presents new features at I/O 2024 such as Project Astra, an assistant that processes data in real time and new features in the search engine

Recently we have seen how OpenAIresponsible for the well-known ChatGPT, GPT-4o version has been released what will add text, speech and image recognition to the chatbot. Google He did not want to be left behind and has advanced his Project Astra during the Google I/O event, an assistant who shows us what they will be like in the future thanks to the advances of Artificial Intelligence.

With Google’s Project Astra, a further step has been taken, approaching information processing differently. This assistant is capable of collect information from different sensorsincluding image sensors, to perform actions such as locate objects and receive instructions to reach them.

But it has also announced other news, such as the Google Gemini Flash version 1.5. A lighter model than the Pro for receive faster responses with up to one million tokens, aimed at make summaries, subtitle images and videos and extract data from extensive tables. Another novelty that was seen is Gemma 2its next generation of open models, with a new architecture to achieve better results. Google Gemma 2 too will come in different sizes.

They could not miss the news in the Google search enginethat will be updated to include Generative Artificial Intelligence. The search engine will use artificial intelligence to offer personalized responses to questions you have or for something you you need to do. Thanks to a custom Gemini model for search from Google, the search engine will have multi-step reasoning, planning and multimodality.

This will allow simplify answers that Google offers us, or break them down to provide more details. In turn, the search engine will allow more complete questions, adding nuances and details in a single search. Another novelty is the planning aheadsuch as a menu for 3 days including nuances such as “make it easy to prepare.”

These Google responses based on Artificial Intelligence will begin to be tested from today in the United States and soon more countries will join, although for the moment the plans for Spain are not knownbeyond arriving before the end of the year.

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Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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