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Monday, June 10, 2024
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Hacker Orbit Chain transfers $48 million to Tornado Cash after months of ‘silence’

The Orbit Chain hack was said to have caused $82 million in losses, but Arkham Intelligence said the real figure was more than $100 million. The attacker transferred 47.7 million USD ETH via Tornado Cash on June 8.

They have not moved the 20 million USD DAI or other stolen coins. Their current balance is 71.2 million USD, including 51.1 million USD ETH and small amounts of wBTC, wETH, ORC, and USDC.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

The Orbit Chain hack occurred at 8:52 pm UTC on December 31, 2023. Orbit Chain confirmed the incident the next day and said it was coordinating with international law enforcement. Orbit Chain announced on its X account on January 11 that it will reward people for information that helps identify attackers or recover stolen assets.

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