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Friday, April 12, 2024
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here’s how Google AI will make your life easier

A few weeks ago, Google formalized the integration of its Gemini AI on several of its services, including Meet, Sheets, Docs, and even Gmail. The Tech giant is following in the footsteps of its rival Microsoft, which is doing the same with Copilot. We have had no news since then, but this Wednesday, April 3, our colleagues from PiunikaWeb have shared a visual of this feature on Gmail.

Suggested answers

It was X (formerly Twitter) user AssembleDebug who spotted this new tool currently in the testing phase on the mobile application. As expected, Google’s AI will offer suggested responses to emails. To tell the truth, the image is not really impressive and we have become accustomed to seeing these replica proposals already present on smartphones for SMS.

However, we imagine that Gemini will be able to develop much more complex sentences, particularly in a professional setting. Moreover, the AI ​​asks users to evaluate its proposals in a desire for improvement and it is also possible to report a mistake. You can also modify a suggestion from this tool endlessly.

For now, Google has not announced an official release date for this feature, and we will therefore still have to be patient. The Mountain View firm has in any case understood all the benefit it could derive from the integration of Gemini into the Android ecosystem.

We recently spoke to you about the upcoming addition of this AI in the Google Messages application which manages text messages (SMS and RCS) on Android. The latter is currently only reserved for the most recent smartphones and the public in North America. But we can clearly imagine a diffusion to the rest of the world and to the European Union if the Tech giant respects the new regulations.

Google perfects its AI

If you’re disappointed with the current version of Gemini offered for free online, be aware that it’s only model 1.0 of Google’s language model. So a 1.5 update is in the pipeline and it would mark substantial progress for this tool. In particular, it would be able to provide longer responses and react to much larger prompts than it currently does.

What you must remember :

  • Google will deploy its Gemini AI on several of its services
  • A first visual of this AI on Gmail has leaked
  • This language model should greatly improve in the future

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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