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Here’s the information about the pricing, features, and specifications of the upcoming iPhone

 The name is among the mobile brands that release phones once a year and outperform smartphones that are released all year round. iPhone 15 series is scheduled to be released in 2023 It has also achieved many success and sales records under its name, and this amazing achievement this year is iphone 16 series It will be introduced soon. Although the company has kept its new projects and plans private, it has further discussed the pricing, features, and specifications of the upcoming iPhone 16 series. Expected Details Shared. Reading this will give you an idea about the strengths of the upcoming Apple phones.

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Apple iPhone 16 models (expected)

  • iphone 16
  • iphone 16 plus
  • iphone 16 pro
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max
  • iPhone 16 SE/iPhone SE (2024)

iPhone 16 price (expected)

Apple’s iPhone is also famous for being expensive. This time, the largest iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB costs close to Rs 2 lakh! However, if you look closely, there has not been much difference in the price of the basic model iPhone over the past three to four years. The launch price of iPhone 15 is Rs 79,900, the launch price of iPhone 14 is also Rs 79,900, and the launch price of iPhone 13 is also Rs 79,900.

In this situation, future actions can also be predicted. The Apple iPhone 16 is also priced at Rs 79,999. Or you could just keep it around here. The prices mentioned above are for the 128GB storage variant of all iPhones, which can also be found on the iPhone 16. In any case, there is no chance of Apple removing this storage from mobiles at the moment.

iPhone 16 specifications (expected)

iphone 16 screen

Apple introduced Dynamic Island in iPhone 15. It is a kind of mix between a punch hole and a notch given to the screen away from the edge of the body. This dynamic island notch for notifications and more provides a different visual look. The same display design can also be seen in the upcoming Apple iPhone 16.

Talk about screen size iPhone 16 series 6.1-inch display basic model You can start here. Even on this phone Super Retina XDR display You can use the panel. right there on the screen 60Hz or 90Hz refresh rate Hope to meet you. It is certain that Apple will bring new phones to the market with strong screen protection.

iphone 16 software

Mobile brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi run on Android, but Apple mobiles only work on iOS. These operating system differences make iPhones and Android smartphones different. It is already considered certain. The company is planning to launch the new OS iOS 18 in 2024. And new Apple mobile models will be released only this iOS 18.

Samsung has already introduced a new direction to the mobile market by introducing the Samsung Galaxy S24 series equipped with Galaxy AI features. In such a situation, there is no denying it. Apple introduces artificial intelligence technology to iPhone 16 series You’ll need some major upgrades along the way. this time Siri will get smartermaybe this virtual assistant Let’s start speaking with our own voices,

iphone 16 processor

What makes the Apple iPhone different from other mobiles is the way it handles things. Android users also appreciate that despite having less RAM, the iPhone’s processing speed is very fast and does not freeze or lag. Apple is making its new iPhone series more powerful than ever before and the same will happen with the upcoming iPhone 16 series. It is expected to be more powerful than the existing iPhone 15 series.

Various reports and leaks have revealed that Apple may introduce the Bionic A18 chip in the upcoming iPhone 16 series. However, it appears that this chipset will not be offered in the base model of the series. While the iPhone 16 may feature the A17 Pro chip, the Bionic A18 chipset is believed to be seen in the iPhone 16 Pro Max. What is noteworthy is that this mobile chip Neural engine with multicore CPU and GPU We plan to have it.

iPhone 16 RAM and Storage

In terms of RAM, we also see a big upgrade in the iPhone 16 series. Currently, the iPhone 15 has been released with 6GB of RAM. There is talk that the upcoming Apple iPhone will come with an additional 2GB of RAM. in other words iPhone 16 may launch with 8GB RAMalso for iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models.

In terms of storage space, there will probably not be any major changes in the iPhone 16 series. iPhone 16 128GB Storage It could become the base model for the series. biggest model iPhone 16 Pro Max 1TB storage space You can enter the market with . Now it remains to be seen which models will come with how many storage options.

iphone 16 camera

An iPhone with a 48MP camera has been released on the market. Currently, all models in the 15 series are equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera sensor, with the upcoming The same 48 MP lens is expected to come with the iPhone 16 series as well. am. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus have a dual rear camera setup, while the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have triple rear cameras.

Talking about the camera setup of the iPhone 16 series, it is available in all models this time. One or more 48-megapixel sensors Let’s meet. Speaking of selfie cameras, all models in the latest iPhone series support a 12MP TrueDepth front camera. What to Expect from Future iPhone Models 48MP selfie camera can be given.



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